Win a pair of Wiley X Silk Polarized shades

750+ entries for the Henderson StormR Typhoon jacket, courtesy of the Saltwater Edge, huh? I am sure that it has nothing to do with email sent out by…lol

In any event, winner for a jacket will be announced on Thursday.

Btw..since many of you have visited this blog for the first time, you might think this is all what we do. Nope
This is what we do…the most creative surf fishing publication on the face of this earth…click on it, you got a lot of reading to catch up on
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No, I am not in hiding. Instead I been banned by Da Wife from staring at the PC while fighting a 102/103 fever since Sunday morning. Holy crap, I remember my kids being lifeless with a high temperature, no I know WHY? Every joint in my body feels like it’s ready for a replacement. Thankfully I made it through a day at work somehow today. So, no , I am not ignoring you 🙂

The worst part is the eyes. Oh Lord, do they hurt when trying to look sideways. Which got me thinking. The darn eyes are underrated. Not only do they keep us out of trouble (you guys with dirty minds might feel different) but they help us in so many ways. The eyes are where it all starts, you see a fish breaking, your eyes send that information to the brain, you arms cast. You are about to trip over a rock on the dark night, the eyes senses that, again brain sends info to legs, you lift it and avoid a broken limb. You see a nice girl, the eyes send info to the brain which alerts …never mind you dirty old bastard, you get my drift.
So if the eyes are IT why are you carrying a $1000 reel, $500 rod and $19.99 Mickey Mouse shades from Wal-Mart? Don’t your eyes deserve better?

First of all, I now wear a reading glasses which I don’t mind as some people tell me I look “scholarly”. Seriously, me, scholarly? The guy that wrote this blog with 25 spelling errors? Unless they teach Zenoisam at some college I don’t know….

I wear a safety glasses on a construction site. For years I wore a throwaways $0.50 cheapies my company supplied but no more. My eyes deserve better so I got a decent pair of 3M Safety shades.
But for every day use, you still need a good pair of shades. The cheap plastic crap will ruin your eyes, at least that is what my grandmother use to say. Polarization is a must for us fisherman. You have no idea how many times I spotted a deep depression on a sandy beach with my shades, yet my friends could not see it….and they were wondering why I was catching fish and they did not. But when I took my shades off I realized why they weren’t seeing it. They didn’t have polarized shades. There is also matter of comfort. Cheap shades will get old in no time as they start digging into your nose or falling apart first time you drop them. And there is something to be said about the strength of the lens, just in case the lure with trebles happens to fly into your face.

There are a lot of good shades out there , Maui Jim, Costa, Smith’s and other. Some are more expensive than others, some are glass and some are plastic, it depends what you like.
I been wearing Wiley X P 17 shades for about three years now. Liked them so much got a spare pair and some for my wife too. I find polarization to be second to none. The fact that their primary business is making great shads for our military boys and girls should tell you about quality of construction and strength of the lens. And I like the style, which on the end of the day is important too. And I like that I don’t have to spend a week’s pay to buy a pair

I will give away a pair of my own, Wiley X Silk shades, in the box, with a carrying case and cleaning cloth. Why am I giving away a pair of my own shades? Because I can. You guys have been great to me over the years, buying books, coming to the seminars, listening to my nonsense. This is just from me to you. One of you will be styling this summer with this pair of Wiley X

363 comments on “Win a pair of Wiley X Silk Polarized shades

  1. Tim Myers

    Always in. Plus quality shades like Wiley X improves your fishing ability. If you never had a nice pair, look at the water while fishing with a pair. Very important aspect that gets overlooked.

  2. Moses

    I’m in guys! Thanks for the chance Z. Those would come in handy since my son got to my other polarized sunglasses and it didn’t end well.

  3. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Z feel better. being sick sux. oh and I’m in. What the hell it will be fun to claim “I’m wearing Z’s glasses”. thanks

  4. mikec67s

    better to see you with my dear…i was saying how i never get sick and well…i must have caught it through the pc….feel like my eyes are going to blow up…feel better z

  5. rclapp

    If I win Mega ball Friday, everyone here gets a pair! I am in as my lotto record has not been good. Thanks.

  6. derek r

    thanks Z , i also wear cheap safety glasses on a construction site,( union carpenter here in boston ) i also feel myself fighting off getting reading glasses but it is time.but sunglasses are a must and good ones at that. thanks again for the chance.


    they would work fine on the lagoon – right color an’ everthang ! 10 trout in an hour on fly last night, two were even slot, one ladyfish-LL

  8. Durbin Wells

    My trusty Smiths are getting tired … can’t believe they’ve lasted as long as they have (not broken or misplaced) … I’m in

  9. Kindman

    My GOD, man – GET BETTER!! Not much worse than fever and aches…
    PLUS, you get “No sympathy” from the wife… It’s like a double whammy.


  10. Brian Reynolds

    750 entries, goes to show that you run a quality site with plenty of viewers.
    put me in on the Wiley X. Keep up the great reports and articles etc.

  11. Rav

    I swear the fever has made you delirious Z

    and NO i don’t buy $19.99 shades at walmart!

    They cost $12.99 :o) heh heh heh

    so NATURALLY “I’m In”

    Just to make your fever break i caught
    a bunch of fat trout today (yup)
    and the forsythia bushes are in Bloom
    and that means Striper’s are real close!


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