"Block Island Green" needlefish

Did you ever think about how some plugs got their names? Not in a sense of who named them first , although I think that is cool, but names like Block Island green needlefish. Why green and why so bright? You would assume it would have something to do with maybe …mackerel?…and you’d be so wrong.

I always felt that best answer are given by those who knows what they are talking about. Instead of guys like me that are guessing half of the time.

I found this video in my files, recorded two years ago at Block Island. Rhode Island sharpie Dennis Zambrotta talks about his days at Block Island. I sure hope Dennis gets his book into the print this year..I will be the first guy in the line to get it


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10 comments on “"Block Island Green" needlefish

  1. Moses

    Great video Z. Another cool video that has great history. Love the wooden Musso needlefish! Interesting story behind the color.

  2. Tom @ Commando

    I will be right in that line with you Z~. I have been fishing needlefish on Block for many years and was actually introduced to Dennis on Block almost 10 years ago. Super nice guy, hell of a fisherman, Exceptional writer and great speaker. I will be looking forward to reading it.

  3. Jim

    I’ve read parts of DZ’s manuscript and theres some good stuff there for sure. I tried listening to Pavarotti before fishing……….nothing……….oh well…….. and i’ll never look at a needlefish lure sitting on the beach the same way again !!!

  4. chuckg

    Classic story about Pennsylvania Gene’s 16 year old son out at BI for the first time. Dad ties a homemade red needle on, first cast, 61 pounder at Cow Cove, he never went fishing again…


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