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We spoke about Cuttyhunk at length last year. I don’t know what is about the place that I can’t wait to get there. Maybe its because its always been so good to me. Maybe I stepped into crap on few magical nights when fish were large and plentiful. Yes, there has been trips, on prime tides too, where I never got a touch for days at the time too…it’s all part of the game.

But the reason I am writing this is that we mentioned about a possibility’s of putting together a trip. And many of you have emailed me over the winter. It is not going to happen. Not because we would not like to but because someone mentioned a word none of us surfcasters ever thinks about, liability. It can be a difficult place to fish, lots of walking over the rocks , no ambient lighting (you can see why the bass love and no services like doctor or other stuff that we take for granted where we live. I don’t need to go into details why an “official” anything with SJ on it would be a uncomfortable thing for us involved to say the least. But many of you want to go and from what I understand, many if not most of the rooms for spring have already been spoken for. Bonnie, who runs a place has a house that she runs and cottage next to it too, in addition to the Club and the apartment adjacent to it. Contact her at and tell her we sent you..she can tell you what she has available. Her email is Maybe we will see you there…

Very neat video by our good friend Tom Lynch

The ramapge of the 40’s

Where else but in New Jersey



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5 comments on “Cuttyhunk

  1. Dooley

    It’s sad to hear that Z. I know a lot of folks, myself included, were hoping for a group Cutty trip that will be equally disappointed when reading today’s post. It’s a sad world we live in when we’re prohibited from doing things because of “what if’s.” Looking forward to a write up and some videos on the trip.

  2. beret

    Hey Z, I can appreciate what you are saying……..I sail up to MAINE almost every year and CuttyHunk is always a stop both going up and coming back to NJ. We generally head up eary July and pass back thru late August/early Sept…….when would you think the best time to target stripers during thet time frame…..thanks.

  3. harv

    who is liable? everyone is responsible for themselves arnt they? scj is not liable neither is bonnie. great video ! lynch is the best

  4. mark m @ ""

    The liability factor is so real today that it is frightening. It put the Kabosh on several contests & one really cool project to help kids that our shop tried to organize last year. Insurance for everything nowadays because of the frivolous lawsuits from folks who like to transfer blame on others. Can you imagine getting sued by the family of a friend you took out fishing one night and he got hurt?


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