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First, I’d like to welcome new supporter to the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog, crew from The Surfcaster. You will notice (and can click on ) their banner on the right hand side. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I received my  Surfcaster catalog this year. I missed it for the time they did not make it for few years. It’s something special as it takes me back to days when I got started and my wife would call on the phone (this is pre-internet kids) and spoke to a nice lady (was it Barbara or something like that) and surprised me with some stuff on special occasions. And I always admired some of the original stuff they carry, particularly their roof racks, sand spikes and bags. So join me in welcoming Doug and a crew to the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog

Its said that world is paved with good intentions… I am tell you from  a personal experience that it’s a true statement. I tried to make a Montauk blitz video to fit the Crazy Train by Ozzy. Unfortunately after uploading multiple versions with different versions of Ozzy’s song, and having them all blocked by YouTube on copyright grounds, I gave up. Not that is anything wrong with what YouTube is doing, not at all.

But I kind of lost my mojo to redo it. It took me an hours upon hours of building each clip to fit the beat so after halfheartedly trying few different tunes and realizing I would have to re-do the whole thing over, I added some ZZ Top and went to bed..then changed it over to AC/DC,,then back to ZZ then back got the point …… The intentions were good…enjoy



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21 comments on “Blitz is on

  1. Greg Tucceri

    Cool stuff,I wish someone could get that kind of shot in the CC when the bass come through in late spring. Blitzes for a seven mile stretch, just plain sick.

  2. CTMatt

    Doug from The Surfcaster is super heplpful and has some nice deals. His catalog itself is a huge undertaking and he does a killer job keeping surfcasters up to speed with new products.

    He is my local sharpie! Always full of knowledge!

    Welcome The Surfcaster!

  3. CTMatt

    Z I like the hyper frames you tossed in at the bridge of the song lol…I started having a seizure

    See you boys at Surf Day CT! I promise not to fling things at your table when you and Steve are eating breakfast at the diner…lol

  4. Dennis

    That was a monster there at the end, he was running away from crazy Al. Billy Gibbons has got that Angus thing down 8).

  5. Landwave

    Great video Z, but you’re KILLING me! With the herring starting to fill up the runs now, it won’t be long.

  6. Keith

    Hey Z,
    First of all nice job with your film making skills. It makes the so called winter go faster. In regards to You Tube and Copyrights, yes I agree with what they are doing. I can go on about tons of copyright cases I have heard about being a professional in the creative field. One thing to save you against lawsuits is use royalty free music or a new artist that gives you permission in writing. Just one case a student or a school was recently sued for copyright infringement for video taping the school play and releasing to the public via you tube and or dvd. Without all the details, the lawyer to defend the school was about 25k. You can get a some royalty free music for hundreds less. My $.02

  7. Glenn H

    Great job S.J!!! Thanks for getting me more stoked for the seaon to start..Hopefully we will see more catch & release this year..I often see the same guys keeping bass all the time..Pictures are a memory we can all share & believe …

  8. Mike S.

    Great job …. !

    The guy on the left at right around 2:15 looks like he’s playing the air-guitar right in tune with AC/DC ….

  9. Tim

    Terrific stuff Z!!! Thanks for sharing your hard work with us.

    Being a mainlander, I can’t get enough of the overhead video of the striper shadows when they blitz. You caught it excellently!


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