Block Island giant stripers

I think it was two years ago, not sure, it could have been longer, Dennis Zombratta invited me to fish Block Island with him and his crew on a Memorial Day weekend. I went along with my trusted fishing partner Ray and we had a great time. That was the first (and last time according to my wife) that I will ever go anywhere on that weekend 🙂

Anyway, I did have these grandiose plans in my head at the time about making a documentary on history of surf fishing in the Northeast. Dennis was going to be one of the people I wanted to interview, primarily to document the incredible run of giant striped bass in the 80’s at Block Island. Having youthful exuberance proved to be not enough, I would need to devote more time to this than I thought. With a tail between my legs I turned my attention to Montauk. Closer to home. Even that project which I started last fall will probably take me years to finish at current pace. But that is life

One good thing that came out of this was that I only not had a great time in Block with Dennis and his crew but I made new friends and learned a lot about what transpired during those crazy days of big bass and green needlefish. To those of you who are not up to speed, during that fabled run of giant fish, according to Dennis, anything under forty pounds was more or less dismissed as a “small fish”. Forty and fifties were daily occurrence and even 60 pound striper was a very good probability on any given day.

I dusted up the interview with Dennis I did on that Block Island trip and it will be featured in its entirety, all 31 minutes of it in the upcoming issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal

Here is a preview


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  1. CTMatt

    I know we hear a lot about Montauk here at times but it is great to hear about epic fishing and the techniques unique to R.I. from a great storyteller Dennis “Zombratta” (nice Z). Thoroughly enjoyed the book and briefly speaking with him at the shows. Probably for me, the most anticipated video/article for the upcoming issue.


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