Shows, shows and more shows

I don’t know if driving to Providence for RISAA in the snow storm can be called ‘fun’ but it was sure a lot of fun meeting so many of you over the weekends. Same goes for a ride Saturday night to Asbury. Thanks to RISAA and Asbury Park Fishing Club members on their hospitality and organization. I am still trying to catch up on life so I will just post few notes about upcoming things. We have postS by Wetzel and Zombratta, some giveaway and other stuff lined up but first,…

Our new issue. Tommy said that it will be ready this weekend. As you can imagine, with us running around every weekend and him gutting his bathroom, time is at the premium but we will get it done. This is the first issue which Dave put together and to be honest, I haven’t read the single word that is in it. So I, like you are brimming with anticipation.

Two, Surfcaster’s Journal will be at this weekend Lindenhurst Flea Market. Tommy will be there with new t-shirts, you can stop by and pick up one for free if you subscribe or renew your subscription. This offer is only good at the showS, not applicable to online purchases

We will also be at River’s End Surf Day in CT next weekend. Then a weekend after that I need to go to Penn State with my son, then another college….oh brother. Do not remember what a weekend feels like.

For those of you that cant make any shows but like the new shirt (honestly, I might be my favorite) you can go to our online store, they are there now.While suplies last. If you need a 3xl size contact us at and we will hook you up.


Everywhere we go, Surf Day, Berkley, Asbury, RISAA people all ask one thing….can you guess what it is? It has nothing to do with fishing, magazine, subscription, advertising, writing, blogging…at every show we get “Did you bring any hoodies?”

No we didn’t bring any damned hoodies. We did a pre order in January. They we got harassed so we made another small run but everywhere we go we get asked for more,more,more. I tell you what, I am soooooooo happy that so many walked up to our table and told us that you like the quality. That is important to me, to us. You know what I mean?

So we will do a FINAL short pre-order for a year. Only because we do not want to disappoint our fans. They are online now, you can go to the online store or click on this picture and it will take you there. Only for six days to order and approximate shipping date on April 1st. And after we ship this batch we don’t want to hear about hoodies, hats or shirts…we what to hear about plugs, swirls, bass and the one that got away…capish?




And thanks to those of you that attended my seminars at RISAA…much appreciated. I am always nervous that I suck at talking and that a whole room is smarter than I am. So thank for coming

Crazy weekend, lots of thoughts on seminars, 10 am beer drinking, half naked chicks, fancy wood plugs and all kinds of stuff

and last but not least…all you who subscribed at Asbury or RISAA . Your activation email has been sent to the email address you provided. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not have it in your regular folder. If its not there, please contact us. Everyone activation was sent by Sunday night.
And number two…if you renewed your subscription, your account will still say that you bought One Year Subscription, but if you check the date of your subscription you will see that it expire two years from the date you originally signed up for the Journal, because we extended a year you are good till 2015.


12 comments on “Shows, shows and more shows

  1. CTMatt

    Have fun in the Penn State road trip. I applied there but stayed local but what a huuuuge campus.

    The quality of the shirts has definitely gone up a bit. A few after a single wash used to fade but who cares. Surfcasting isn’t a fashion show.

    Looking for to the next issue.

  2. Zeno Post author

    no time for myself..once the kids and wife are happy, fed and content, only then will i even think about that. Long way from there, sometimes in mid May

  3. Jerry

    Tell your son to check out Pepperdine on the pacific coast highway in Malibu. Just bring your fancy wooden plugs when you head out to see him, they can supply the 10am beers and half naked chicks. Not sure what they teach there but it sounds like quality education.

  4. Tim Markart

    On your trip to Penn State you’ve got to check out Fisherman’s Paradise. it’s about 10 miles from State College (1115 Spring Creek Rd., Bellefonte, PA, 16823). If your son decides to go there it is a great place to wet a line. I missed more than one class during my time there. One of the best limestone streams you’ll ever fish.

  5. rrinaldi

    I just signed up at the RISAA show on Sunday, and found my confirmation in my spam folder. I then proceeded to read this issue cover to cover(ok i skipped over the fly fishing articles) and watched the videos, and took notes. THIS WAS THE BEST $20 I SPENT AT THE SHOW!!!!! I cant wait to share this opportunity to surffishing friends and family. If i wasnt already “itchin for fishin” im over the top know. Absolutely love this and best part the misses likes thats theres no “pile of years of subscriptions”. Keep up the great work.

  6. Zeno Post author

    Did i lie when i told you its going to change your life ? or at least cut down on time spent at porn sites..plug porn of course lol

  7. BigFishlarry

    Hate to piss you off by asking….is it possible to get the hoodie as a pull over?? I hate zip ups….they bunch out front?? Love the way they look…super work!

  8. pete K

    Was great seeing you at the show and the new and improved journal is unlike anything available ANYWHERE!

    Sorry for the long last name Z… you got off lucky being from overseas with a short last name… i wasn’t so lucky! hahahah

  9. Zeno Post author

    larry, short answer is no
    Polish do have some funky names but no worries dude, it was a pleasure meeting you, Tommy was super excited to meet far as content..yeah man, we never get tired hearing THAT


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