All the winners and new video

Those of you that are still fishing, lucky you. Those of us that are sick as dogs, well, get better soon. Most guys north of Brooklyn have given up although few hardy souls still are keeping it honest. Fortunately the weather has not been all that bad,. For those of you that are herring lovers, you should check out your honey holes. They are in so let the pickling begins.

We are going to have few announcements shortly when we put finishing touches on them but today I want to award the awesome C&R Surfcasting Custom Surf bag to one deserving veteran and pick winners of the Guppy Custom Lures giveaway. I don’t think I have to say this but I will anyway. Although this bag goes to only one person, to me all of you who have served or are serving now are heroes in every sense of that word. I’ll leave it at that

To make it absolutely random i took all the names, put them in a paper bag and got my lovely daughter to pick out a winner. And drum roll please..the winner is SGM George Simmons, currently stationed in Afghanistan ! I will get in touch with George to make sure we can deliver this bag to him. Again, thanks to all the veterans for all you did and for all you doing to this day. And special shout and thanks to SJ subscriber Gerard Doyle who donated this bag


Three winners of those awesome Guppy Pencil Poppers are

Ned Parillo

Joe Pinto

Daniel Menton

You all have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping addresses


Art comes in many forms…this is one way of presenting it. I thinks its awesome


12 comments on “All the winners and new video

  1. Brian K

    Pretty funny videos! The other 2 are entertaining as well especially the one that we down south of you would call the “stalker/mugger” video. Hopefully will see and look for future videos to entertain us over the winter.
    By the way it is not over for SJ anglers yet! Might be after this recent front moves through.

  2. Roger Rosenthal

    I thought his retrieve was way too fast also. Also he don’t always need to shake the rod like your trying to kill it. With that flat water he might try a gentler shake,

  3. Vinnie Fiorillo

    I wanted to thank Gerard one last time for really doing a great thing and donating the bag. Your generosity will come back to you! Good things come to good people. Congratulations George I really hope you love the bag. I’m glad that this one bag has helped two veterans….hey it is a 2 in 1 after all. Also thanks to Zeno and the SJ crew for putting this together. Supporting our well deserving Veterans is so important!

    Congrats George hope to share a tide in 2015!

    C&R Surfcasting Gear

  4. George

    I want to thank everyone in this remarkable chain of events that enabled me to be the winner of this awesome surf bag. Zeno and the folks that helped him with his great book Hooked. I was reading his book over here in Afghanistan and learned about Surfcaster’s Journal. I signed up in August and have been enjoying this excellent magazine (also the back issues) since. Gerard for his gracious donation of this surf bag. My you have an excellent 2015 fishing season. Vinnie and his truly amazing craftsmanship of this patriotic surf bag. I’m sure I’ll love the Surf bag, I hope to give it a good workout next fall up in Montauk and Block Island. Jim and Eric for nominating me. Hope you guys catch your personal best Striper in 2015. Zeno’s daughter Michelle for picking my name. Also to all the Veterans past and present. With out what you did and what your doing now we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this great past time of surfcasting and this great country of ours. Thank you all again and I hope to meet you on the rocks or along the surf one of these days.

    Sincerely, George “Fishuntr” Simmons

  5. Gerard D

    Congratulations George Simmons on winning the bag. I know you’ll wear it proudly and thank you for you for your service. May God bless you and all the service men and women who are protecting this country and keeping us safe. I pray for your safe return and that your only worries will be where are the fish. Thank you SJ , all I did was donate the bag and you guys did the rest. Vinnie , great craftsmanship on the bag and a beautiful bag it is. Thanks again SJ for all you do for the surfcasting community, Striped Bass and for trying to teach new guys one page at a time.

  6. Lionel Berthelon

    Great job, reminds me of news shorts you would of seen in the 40s and 50s and even in to the early 60s except he would of been using a Penn squider.

  7. mark d

    1. george, thanks for your sacrifice

    2. gerard, good on ya

    3. that was a great video. to whoever made it, good on ya also


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