New video – John Skinner

We are working on something that will hopefully blow your socks off. As Dave Anderson said, get ready for another level of SJ…..IF we can pull it off (granted its a big if) Details should be coming soon I hope. We have to announce the winner of Veteran’s Day C&R Surfcasting Gear giveaway and winners of Guppy lures giveway. We’ll do that during the week
Today on tap in a new video with John Skinner
I had a pleasure of sitting with john few weeks ago on a local beach and chat about the way he fishes, about his mind set, plugs and gear he uses and also about his new book Striper Pursuit.

Full interview should be appearing in January issue of Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

[youtube width=”540″ height=”438″][/youtube]

3 comments on “New video – John Skinner

  1. rob

    “I hate the fall run…” “you can hear the sucking sound and boom, there go your fish”

    looking forward to the entire interview!


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