STRIPERTHON and new video from St Croix

I got my thinking hat on…..and that can be dangerous to my health…and to those around me.

We heard you last year when you told us that you wish that the Catch and Release Weekend Tournament we held in the South Shore of Long Island was a coast wide thing. So we thought about it and said, why the hell not? You can call it STRIPERTHON 2013.

A Catch and Release Weekend tournament, only for the Subscribers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online Magazine. To promote Catch and Release fishing, to hopefully raise awareness amongst other anglers, to spare life of a few egg bearing females. To try to stop to put an end to this insane killing of striped bass whose stocks are in my humble opinion, collapsing right in front of our eyes. The entry fee?

Big fat zero. Yup, every Surfcaster’s Journal Subscriber will be automatically eligible to enter the fish. The Rule? Almost done with them but basically a carbon copy of Surfcasters Classic ran by Dave Anderson at Go check it out at

You’ll get a special SJ logo card to print and display with your fish. When? In October, more on dates as we narrow it down. Prizes? I am working on it. Its our way of giving  back to you our readers, and at the same time trying to raise awareness of this alarming decline in the striped bass stocks. Remember, we went through the total collapse not too long ago. I am not saying that we are going down that road again but if I look at my catches compared to just few years ago, then we are already there. We all know I suck at fishing but not THAT much! Look for information about the contest in few days.

We also have a one of a kind, blow your roof off your house contest that will be unveiled on Veteran’s Day. Yes, it has to do with Veterans, active and former. You know, the dudes that made possible for you and I to send our kids to school every day without fear. We will solute them in a very special way.

Continuing in our video series with rod gurus, here is a video with Dave Colley from St Croix Rods, talking about new Avid rods and some tidbits about Mojo and Legend lines too



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