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I haven’t had time to sit down and write something in a while so I am kind of enjoying this quiet Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. Lot of stuff on the mind lately occupying my time, my kid’s knee being a primary interest in my head and yeah, NY Mets got me sucked in. And there is my truck which went to shop on Monday and Wednesday and Friday and yes ,today. All for Service Engine Soon light that will not go off. It has not been a boring October that is for sure.
Fishing by me is terrible BUT if you are willing to drive east a little there is a constant bite. Its not spread along all the beaches, in fact is relegated to very few, but its there. When you get stormy conditions and high surf, the action spreads out and then reverts to the mean when things settle down. Mostly small fish, under the keeper size with some teen size fish mixed in. Remember that big 2011 year class? We’ll they are filling the void that is for sure.

Before I forget, let me announce the winners of last week giveaway. The winner of 3 spools of Spiderwire Ultracast InvisiBraid is Alton Cowings. The winner of two Guides Choice Bunka Boy swimmers is both have 5 days to contact me at info@surfcastersjournal.com20151024_214828-120151024_214955-1

Stay tuned for a massive giveaway from Charlie Graves Fishing Lures and West End Tackle.

Few other things before I forget. There will be I think 8 videos in the new November issue of SJ , 6 of which are brand new. We have been busy on the video front and we’ll fill you in on it this week.
SJ Striper Day show, scheduled on January, 09 is coming along. Its a lot to fill you in that will that will take another post but do visit to get all the info.

After many requests we have decided to order hoodies for the holidays. They are done and waiting to be added to the online store. This year we’ll have our Night Crew black hoodies and something new, Creeping While You Sleeping zip hoodies and color Creeping bumper stickers for the first time. As always we make these in small batches,and this year is no exception so you will get the first shot at them as always.Zip_B2-300x3002015-07-22 15.12.38





Last but not least, this video by Lou Casuso from 2013 was originally featured in the Surfcaster’s Journal magazine. in case you missed it, here it is [youtube][/youtube]

2 comments on “Winners, fish, videos, show and more

  1. jimmy z

    He’s on point! I went with narrow tubes years ago. It just makes sense.
    I’m probably gonna want one of those “Creeping……..” sweatshirts Z

  2. Andy_K

    Congratulations to the winners! You have my envy 😉

    Most importantly, here’s hoping your boys knee comes out fine, Zeno. As a parent, myself, I can empathise with that feeling of how you might wish a thousand times worse for yourself rather than have a child of yours suffer anything.

    Lou, as always, if there’s a way around something or to improve, I’ll lay a week’s money on you finding it mate! 🙂


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