Win a Huge assortment of Charlie Graves Fishing Lures

Sand Eel bite has been pretty consistent this fall in the areas that are holding sand eels and albies are running wild in few places. SJ columnist John Skinner just uploaded a new video and on it he is saying he caught over 200 albies in the last month alone!

What do both of these things have in common? If you are targeting either bite in the daytime, tins are often your best friend. So todays giant giveaway will make someone smile from ear to hear because its truly a remarkable giveaway

This giveway is a courtesy of Ralph Votta from West End Tackle who makes Charle Graves Lures. Ralph will be one of our speakers at Striper Day ( and also a star of one of our surf fishing 101 series of videos in 2016. We got him on camera last week for a 25 minute all-you-want-to-know about fishing metal lures. Thatโ€™s coming in 2016.

One winner will receive this awesome collection of Charlie Graves Fishing Lures. You can check out the whole line at www.charliegraves.comz1234

  • Butterfish lure
  • Herring lure
  • Sand eel lure
  • Mullet lure
  • Nikki jig
  • J-3
  • D-5
  • J-6
  • J-7
  • J-8

Thanks to Ralph Votta and Charlie Graves Lures for making this possible and good luck to all.z1123

555 comments on “Win a Huge assortment of Charlie Graves Fishing Lures

  1. James Donnelly

    Iโ€™m in please.
    Thanks for the chance. This is an awesome give away for sure!
    Canโ€™t wait to see the vid!


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