Day 9 and still no power and no LIPA truck in sight…

I hope most of our readers have got their juice back and are starting to put their lives back together. I’ve heard that my kids will go to school tomorrow. That is cool, some sense of normalcy. My son is already stressing about missing out on school work…who am I kidding. He has been stressing out since the day one. Must have got his smarts from his mother.

Access…there is still a lot of fishing left according to…well ,me. There are fish still up in Cape Cod Canal, still in Montauk rips. But if you are living on Long Island or New Jersey you will have a hard time getting to the water to cast you line. These areas have been particularly hard hit, in some places water has breached the barrier islands, in other case the strict curfew is in place to guard against looters. Yes, it will be hard but not impossible. With a  little research, you can still find a place to wet a line. For those of you interested in such things, I understand that Montauk 4×4 road has been reopened.

Let me get this out of the way. The winner of our last two giveaways, another thing Sandy precluded us from finishing on time.

First, winner of Super Strike Super Sick darter is

Please email me your shipping address and I will pass on to Mr. Musso

Second ,winner of my new book HOOKED is

You too please email me your shipping address at

I sent the book to Saltwater Edge, LI Outdoorsman, River’s End, Saltwaters Tackle, Fisherman’s Line and Surfland via UPS yesterday. I assume, they should have it today. It is also in our online store and Amazon. We will do something special to help out those in need in few days but first I need to get my juice back…and get the furnace going. This burning shit in fireplace to get warm is getting old…although I have no lack of books to burn 🙂


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7 comments on “Winners

  1. harv

    I must have gone up and down the stairs for wood a 100 times and when u have no f lights or heat it seems to burn at mach 3 speed. And by the way f abe lincoln and reading by candle light u cant see shit!

  2. Robtmc

    some people don’t have a house to hook power to!
    We appreciate power more now than ever, living without
    for a week
    Lost some appliance and work , but that will be behind us in a few short months!

  3. Rich S.

    My Prayers go out to ALL of you who live by the shore. No power, no light, no heat, and now this friggin’ snow! It’s cold out baby.
    Just try to remember the guy who was angry because he had no shoes, and then saw the guy who had no feet. Hang in there guys.

  4. Moses Medina

    Hope everyone is doing well and has their power back soon! Congrats to the winners! That’s a sweet SS Dartah! The book is finally here! Can’t wait to order my copy!


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