Win a gorgeous Lemire’s Plugworks Pencil Popper,and some info on Montauk Rocks, A Film by Richard Siberry

Just a shout to all of you ,letting you know that we are still alive.

It’s been trying few weeks for most of you, I am sure. I got my power back on Thursday night but unfortunately during the nor’easter the FIOS went down so I am without TV, internet of phone service. And according to FIOS I will not be getting it any time soon. It sucks but it’s nothing in comparison what some of you have went trough.

Tommy is putting finishing touches on the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. As I have mentioned previously, we are switching over to another platform from issuu and please give us some slack if we screw things up here or there while we learn this thing. One of the neat things will be that we will be able to customize our page and insert videos right into the pages of the magazine so we no longer have to send you to YouTube to watch them. We have , how do I say this properly, well, there really is no better word then , shitload of ideas and plans for videos that will be embedded into the magazine in 2013 including something very, very special. But just like many of you, our lives have been turned upside down by Sandy.

I hope that all of you are doing well, I hope Verizon shows up in my neighborhood one of these days to fix the FIOS lines on the ground and I hope to hear from many of you soon. Right now, all I can do is hang in the Starbucks and type on laptop…the neighbors already kicked me out…haha

Also a quick note on Richard Siberry Film, Montauk Rocks

The 1 hour 20 minute movie, 5 years in the making is in our online store (just click on dvd image) and Amazon. It should be trickling into your local tackle stores in the next few weeks. About time we got something that we can call our own..I love fly fishing films but there is no reason there are 64 987 of those and none on surfcasting šŸ™‚

More info on the film to come when we get back up to speed.

If you are a retailer and reading this and want some for your store, please contact me and I will give you info. Like I said, I am unable to use my email address list from my computer so I am doing this at Starbucks with my wife’s laptop.

But it’s not right that you guys suffer with us, you went through so much already so today we will give away this special, Giant 10 inch, 4 ounce Pencil Popper from our friends at Lemire’s Plugworks. This thing is sweeeet! Bag not included šŸ™‚


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220 comments on “Win a gorgeous Lemire’s Plugworks Pencil Popper,and some info on Montauk Rocks, A Film by Richard Siberry

  1. David Strom

    First comment, everyone is sleeping in????

    Well, I am in, thanks Z.

    Hope you (and everyone else) get things back to normal as soon as possible.


  2. Adam

    Montauk Rocks was Awesome!
    I watched it yesterday & it was as close to MTK as I’ll get for a while…. Post Sandy.
    God Bless our brothers in the surf & their familys who have lost way too much.
    Best Wishes & Be Safe!

  3. fishdaddy1

    Glad to hear you are all well and safe. Excited to see the new magazine on the new platform…with video!

    Nice looking plug and DVD – Im in!

  4. chris a

    Richard is a very talented person with great pics, fisherman,, other talents that I dont know about,and now a producer. I was lucky to know Richard, how has help me catch more fish though the years. I wish him the best on his next endeavour and the movie will catch like fire on it’s own. Thank You Richard and to you All The Best.

    Thanks you Zeno

  5. Allen W

    Wishing you and yours a quick recovery to your issues.
    Looking forward to the next installment of SJ for sure.

  6. bruce.campo

    Gang – I hope everyone is safe and getting their life back in order. Things are devastated, but we take one day at a time; one step at a time. Things WILL get better. This is what we do!

    Z and all businesses thanks for partaking in this type of promotion/give away – thanks for the opportunity to allow us to take a step in the right direction.

    I’m in…

  7. Mike b

    I am in ! Giganto Popper….awesome

    Wishing the best to all who felt the wrath of sandy and i hope someone out there is getting some stripes for those of us who cant at the moment.


    I’m in.Glad to see things are starting to get back to normal and everyone’s ok. Can’t wait to read the new issue . Right now I could(AND I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE) really use a little something to bring my spirits up.Good to hear from SJ. Thanks.

  9. sioca

    Glad to hear you and yours are safe and are in the process of being fully OK. Will get together…Hang in there Z and all that have been impacted.

    New mag will ease the agony.

    I’m in for the plug and bag, ha, ha!!

  10. Bob D

    Hey Z,

    Hope you get it all together real soon!
    Some of the folks I work with are still down too.
    I even heard much of long beach came back yesterday.

    and by the way, I’m in.

    Bob Danielson

  11. sonerito

    DVD looks awesome… goes without saying for the plug! Here’s to all those still getting things together and back to a sense of normalcy…
    I am definitely in.

  12. Dan Radman

    I’m in! Thanks Z and team.

    Glad to hear you are alive. Very excitied about getting my Internet service back couple days ago. Connected to the world again and able to see more info on the awful devastation. Feel horrible for all that have lost so much because of Sandy. Our hearts and prayers are with them.

  13. Tim Javor

    I’m in. Thank you!

    And here’s hoping everything get’s back to normal for those affected by the storm relatively soon!

  14. Charlie Oat

    Just enjoyed an hour reading through the issue. Left a few articles for beer time as I am teaching today..I will devour the rest like the lunch I missed to check out the issue. Oh, I am in.

  15. Steven Pearse

    I’m in, Thanks.

    I would love to have a go with this here in the UK on our Bass. I reckon they may well love it. I DO!!!!

    Cheers All and my thoughts are with anyone feeling the wrath of the storm. Hope you are back out enjoying your selves very soon!!!!

  16. Moses Medina

    Glad to hear that you have your power on Z! I’m in and thanks for the shot! Al has made some sweet plugs lately but this giant 10″ pencil is awesome! Love the color too!


    i’m in great looking plug like always bought some lemires at the fishing show greqat looking plugs and they even catch fish

  18. Earl Anderson

    I’m in! And if I win this plug I will auction it off and donate all proceeds to restoration of surf fishing the Jersey Shore.

  19. Troy S.

    Good luck with the Fios Z. Im in thanks for the chance.. Now time to find some beach that were allowed on to throw that beut!

  20. mark m

    Z, we have the movie at Cow Harbor and it looks great. Lot’s of interviews and action. I’ll be in touch to order some more copies when they are out of stock.


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