Win two great wood metal lip swimmers from Big Fish Bait Co

Since we often feature one giveaway a week, its time to play again. But first we need to announce the winner of last week Bull Nose Pliers giveaway, courtesy of Fisherman Headquarters in Ship Bottom , NJ. You can see a full description here and they will have them at Surf Day in NJ in two weeks. The winner of the giveaway is

You have 5 days to contact us at with your address.


Ok, on to other cool things. Like a chance to win these Prey Swimmers from Big Fish Bait Co. I’ve known Larry, the maker of these lures for many years now and his better half, the Fishchick. I just didn’t know both of them are more talented when it comes to editing videos than I am. Then again that is like saying that a fifth grader has better English spelling skills than I do. Whoever invented the MS Word spelling app saved my life!


Back to Larry and his awesome plugs. I tried to go on his website but it does not seem to be working properly. Maybe its just me…again. But the dude makes some awesome plugs and I will never, ever forget a day at the Sewer Pipe few years ago with Silver Fox and Donny Musso when I was manning a camera during an epic blitz. The problem was no one could get a fish to hit anything and yet they were swimming around our feet. The water was flat, the fish were on tiny bay anchovies and could not care about plugs, bucktails or flies. Don’t ask me why I went back to the truck parked in lower lot and grabbed a while Big Fish Prey and a rod . Do ask me why I did not take my at least my pliers if not a belt, as I had to call Silver Fox on five consecutive casts to borrow his pliers to unhook a bass.


Then I put the rod away, gave the plug to Silver Fox and grabbed the camera again. I got on to the giant rook at Sewer figuring I’d get a really good angle to a fish crushing the plug for video. But as hard as Silver fox had tried, he could not get a fish to hit . He did get half a dozen of halfhearted swipes. I came of the rock , grabbed my rod again, took my plug back and made a cast. Bam!!! Don Musso said its the must be the orange sides on the plugs. It definitely wasn’t my skills. haha


Whatever it was, Pray has been one of my favorite metal lip swimmers for calm to moderate conditions since I met Larry many years ago. I know he makes plugs in fits and starts but I do hope he resumes his plug making in full one day.

Today , we will give two of our readers a chance for each to win one Big Fish Bait Co Prey swimmer, courtesy of the Big Fish Bait Co.


Good Luck

402 comments on “Win two great wood metal lip swimmers from Big Fish Bait Co

  1. BigJim

    “I’m in” I have not fished Larry’s plugs but would love too. I will be meeting up with Larry at the SWLCC show on the cape in May and get me some of his plugs But would love to get a freebie Thanks guys

  2. loco7matty

    I’m in! I’m lucky enough to have one of his plugs and love it, and would love to get my hands on another. Thanks boys.

  3. BigFishlarry

    Zeno flatters me with his kind words…thanks “Z”! My apologies to all looking for my website as it has been gone for a few years now. I could not keep up with orders and work full time though as Zeno says I do still make plugs from time to time. However as winter drones on and spring is around the corner I have been busy getting many plugs ready to have on hand! If anyone has interest in finding my plugs you must go to my Facebook page. I release groups of plugs there periodically and if anyone is looking for something in particular or special…..I will try to accomodate! Good luck on the giveaway to all and for supporting a fine online publication like “Surfcasters Journal”!

  4. Rob brandstadter

    Please enter me in for a chance to win thanks … And thanks for every thing you guys at SCJ do, you guys are making this winter tolerable…

  5. David Seltzer

    I’m in!
    Just got a new Tsunami rod, a new Penn Spinfisher 6500, got 40 # suffix braid put on yesterday. Got no lures!

    1. bigFishlarry

      Hi OldFord! The site is gone and has been for a few years! If you are on Facebook look for the BigFish Bait Co. page! They are not in shops any longer as I keep my builds small as my time is at a premium. I release small groups of lures weekly starting in April or you can contact me through the page and I can help you! 😉


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