Follow up video, configuring the tubes in your surf bag by Lou Caruso

In this issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine on pages 10-11 we featured our Rod Guru Lou Caruso with a simple and effective way to configuring the tubes in your surf bag for carrying smaller plugs. Little did we know that we would get many emails asking about how to make them, where to buy them and such. So this past Sunday morning I hooked up with Lou at his man cave and we shot a follow up.

We also did three additional videos on how to completely disassemble and service Boga 30, new rubber rods clips for your roof rack and yes, even a video on servicing a Boga 60 for you Big Fish Hunters. Why separate videos for 30 and 60 Boga? Because as I found out first hand they are slightly different in the way their jaws are put together and therefore disassembling and assembling is a bit different. Those videos will be featured in future issues of the magazine.


I can honestly say that I was petrified of taking Boga apart and cleaning it. I had mine for five or ten years and I never took it apart the way Lou did it. But after watching him do it I realized, yes, even I can do this! Spare parts left over be damned !



Tomorrow we will fill you in on new Surfcaster’s Journal stuff that is coming starting with this weekend Flea Market and Babylon including new long sleves performance shirts with brand new design, new zip hoodies with another new design, brand new hats like this



and giant ten inch stickers


and more..stay tuned

7 comments on “Follow up video, configuring the tubes in your surf bag by Lou Caruso

  1. stripercrazed

    Just wanted to comment on the new surfcasters journal attire. I was hoping to renew at surfday to receive a shirt and you guys did it for me early! Thanks! I will get my shirt when I see you next saturday!!!!!
    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. The hats look nice!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. woodwker99

    Thanks for the follow up. and thanks Lou for addressing the hook getting under the bottom edge of the tube. I have been doing my own tubes in all types of sizes and configurations over the years. And having lost a few dropped plugs to the surf gods (including a bunker boy that never got to be put on a line) I will bet a dollar to a doughnut that after a season or two Lou will be putting end caps to his tubes.

  3. HeinekenPete

    …as an alternative to Lou’s tubes, I’ve been using the oval plastic containers from Crystal Light Lemonade mix as my lure tubes. They come in two sizes: the larger one is close to 6 1/2″ and will hold three plugs. I can fit an SP Minnow, a Rapala X-Rap 14, & a 6″ Gibbs pencil popper in one with plenty of room left over. Plus, they already come with one end covered! Not only that, but there’s only 5-calories a glass & it tastes good, too. Enjoy!

  4. Joe GaNun

    From experience, does anyone prefer square tubes ? Do they create more usable space or more problems with plugs getting stuck together?


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