Win two great looking lures from Lemire's Plugworks

Today we have a special giveaway. We will give you a chance to win two lures for the first time on the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog. Two lures made by Lemire’s Plugworks. If you remember, Al Lemire, the creator behind Lemire’s Plugworks was one of the featured lure builders in the current issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine .

You can check out all the Al’s creations on his website at

We will give you a chance to win two outstanding looking lures. And you can win big, because you can also win twice.

Here is the deal

Lure one

Lemire’s Plugworks 8 1/2inch, 3 ounce mammoth Wave Jammer. Pick the page our rod guru, Lou Caruso’s favorite picture is located and win the Wave Jammer


The second lure from Lemire’s Plugworks is 5 1/2 inch, 2 ounce Ambassador metal lip swimmer. All you have to do is say “I  am in” and we will pick a random winner.

How do you like that ?


Our thanks to Al from Lemire’s Plugworks for making this possible


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243 comments on “Win two great looking lures from Lemire's Plugworks

  1. Finaddict

    I’m in … as for the page, how about page 63, minus the insets below of course. Thanks Z for the opportunity.

  2. Ryan Chenette

    my favorite pic is the cover.
    also “I’m in”
    Lemire makes one of my favorite swimmers, if I don’t win(wich I never do) i’ll be picking up a few for the Spring anyways!


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