Win a Pelican Nemo StealthLite 2410 LED Flashlight

Its not often that after we write a review, we have the actual item to offer to our readers as a giveaway but in this case we have a little treat for you guys.


But first the winner of the Super Strike  Bunk O’Lantern Darter giveaway, provided graciously by a reader who prefers to stay anonymous. The winner is nightfighter/

You have 5 days to contact us at with your shipping address. Congrats

Back to folks at Pelican Products…I used to be a big fan of Princeton Rage lights but I got tired of going though them faster than Kate Upton goes trough swimsuits. One day I stopped by Causeway Bait and Tackle in Wantagh, NY and out of desperation bought the only light they had on a wall, little Pelican Tracker. It wasn’t as cheap as Princeton but I was in the rush to head to the beach and I grabbed it.

This was more than four years ago and don’t you know that I never, ever went fishing at night without that little light and its still around my neck to this day. That light paid for itself over and over and in fact, I have not bought another light since. Which is crazy considering I am used to going trough bunch every year. Its a testament to quality of Pelican Products.

But if anything is driving me up the wall, its the constant insertion of the light into my mouth full of fake (and very expensive) teeth  which  Tommy calls  my “Game Show host” teeth

The light we are giving away today is much larger and sturdier then my little Tracker and it has a thumb switch which you can easily operate even with Storm gloves when it gets cold. No more flashlight in the mouth!

Pelican Nemo 2410 LED light. Retail price north of $50

The StealthLite 2410 has Pelican’s new LED technology – now with 126 lumens and 7.5 hour runtime.

What you get: Pelican Stealthlite 2410 LED flashlight, wrist lanyard and batteries

Features of Pelican StealthLite 2410 LED Flashlight:
The Pelican Nemo StealthLite 2410 LED Flashlight (Blue) features a slide thumb switch that is easy to operate, even with gloves. This Pelican flashlight makes use of the new Deep Mount LED system, which uses an upgraded deep dish reflector and a state of the art opti-mechanical system to boost the power output of the Pelican 2410 StealthLite Flash Light. The StealthLite 2410 is corrosion proof, resistant to extreme temperatures and submersible. In addition, this flashlight comes complete with 4 AA alkaline batteries.
• suitable for Scuba Diving applications, batteries and wrist lanyard,  assembled in the USA

• lifetime guarantee through Pelican

281 comments on “Win a Pelican Nemo StealthLite 2410 LED Flashlight

  1. unkaharry

    At last I see the light,is this the one with the teeth marks???? You know someone can steal your identity if they have your dental pattern!!! If I don’t win I’ll have to fix my Princeton Tec, I’m in Thanks

  2. mike nj

    im a princeton user…..i go through a lot of them ….but they take care of you replacing them….and they are gettin’ better…..but i can always try a new one…..thanks…


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