Win a Pelican LED Headlight

I been using Princeton Rage lights for years. They are decent lights, you get a lot of bang for your buck. They don’t fall apart as soon as they see the water like many others. Yes, after awhile trying to turn them to put them on becomes a real pain in the ass. But other than that they are serviceable.

Few years ago in a pinch I walked into Causeway Bait and Tackle in Wantagh NY looking for a flashlight. The only decent looking thing they had in stock was a Pelican Tracker little yellow light. It’s been few years since then and I went through a dozen other flashlights, yet my little yellow Tracker is still around my neck every night. Sometimes it’s my primary, sometimes a secondary, depending on conditions (I always wear two lights, just a habit). But it’s always there.

Not too many things in this sport can you count on to take a licking and keep on ticking but products from Pelican fit the bill. Subsequently I bough waterproof cases from them for my camera and more lights and I never regretted any purchase. So when they gave me a Pelican light to try this fall I said “This is going to our blog readers”.

Why I didn’t keep it for myself ?

I honestly expect my Pelican little Tracker to last forever..

So boys and girls, courtesy of Pelican Lights, one of you will be a proud winner of this new Pelican Head Lamp


2720 LED Headlight            • Gesture Activation Control • Variable Light Output • Dual Red LED Night Vision Gloved hands, wet hands or oily hands are not an issue when using the 2720 with Gesture Activation Control technology. Turn on the light with a wave of a hand. Additional features include: Low level red light that preserves night vision, for nighttime applications. Signaling red (S.O.S) beacon light. Optical 4x magnification allows for a wide or penetrating beam,. Including a variable light output from 100%-10%.


260 comments on “Win a Pelican LED Headlight

  1. wolf107

    Z looks like a quality headlight.put me in.I use a neck light made by princeton tec amp1L it’s a great little light and you control where the beam goes because it,s in your mouth.I used it for 5 nights during Sandys visit to my Babylon neiborhood it was pricless.

  2. Lou C

    I have quite a few of these lights in various sizes. These things are kick ass !!!!! Also have a few of the waterproof cases. I absolutly love them. Well worth the money..

  3. Adam

    I’m in.
    Thanks Z & Tommy!
    Ole the pelican man sells awesome stuf!.
    He gave me a tacticle light that saved my butt during post Sandy black outs!

  4. pistol pete

    Im in… the new issue is better than ever! My favorite part of the whole issue is when tommy was asking his phone questions and zeno says “man she doesnt know anything!” Priceless…


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