Yesterday morning I got up at 4 am on my day off, got caffeinated, drove to Montauk, did some camera work and drove back home. I left the rod at home, so the fish were safe but I could not believe what the north side looked like! Holy crap, you could fit a hundred trucks between get-on and false bar. And Jones reef? Whatever little bluff we had is gone. Whoa, I wish I took few shots but I did not, even while having four cameras on the front seat. No one was fishing although there were few trucks on North bar, few in Hero lot and that was about it.

On the way back I stooped at East End bait and tackle where Scott informed me that both side of Shinecock inlet are open and today the Dune Road was reopened . On the way home I stopped at Saltwaters tackle and they filled me on opening of Capteee and Jones Beach field 2. If you are dying to wet a line, you have options. Life is slowly returning to some sense of normalcy. Even for us that did not hit hard, seeing all the trees down, all the ripped up sidewalks, you get an idea this recovery will take a long time. We can only imagine how do those on barrier beach feel like with onset of winter.

I was thrilled when I heard that Fisherman’s Headquarter is Ship Bottom in NJ is back to on their feet. Fisherman Supply took some water on but they were trying to make things as normal as possible and are back up and running. We wish our friends at Grumpys a fast recovery and access to their store

In other news , I fired up my Mac after a month’s hiatus and opened video editing program. But when I realized how much work is waiting for me I shut it down and ran away from it like a little scared girl. I mean holy crap. I could sit here for 5 days straight and not even make a dent. Hey, I never said I was brave, just persistent. Besides, that is why they make a winter months…

I will try to fill you in what is going on at SJ and what is new (and coming up) in upcoming days. I also have a very special giveaway, courtesy of dudes from Pelican who make the sickest flashlight and are my favorite

But for now enjoy the trailer from Montauk Rocks, the Film released recently. Not sure what shops you can find it , off the top of my head, I know few that have it including Fisherman’s Headquarters, LH Water, , Harry’s Army Navy, Fisherman Supply, LI Outdoorsman, Causeway Bait and Tackle, Saltwaters Tackle, Camp Site, Cow Harbor, East End Tackle, Paulie’s, River’s End Tackle, The Surfcasters, Saltwater Edge , Surfcaster’s Journal Store and Amazon.

Enjoy the trailer and football too



2 comments on “Weekend

  1. rfd

    the fishing face of montauk continually changes by the stern hands of mother nature. as always, we’ll just adapt and carry on. i remember montauk in the early 50’s and have seen lots and lots of changes over the decades. it is what it is. btw – “montauk rocks” is excellent!

  2. Mike b

    the footage shows how serious of a sport wet suiting and surfcasting are. I love the guy getting wiped off his rock mid cast thats sick video right there. cant wait to watch


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