Win a new Super Strike Custom Lures “Heavy” 3 3/4 ounce Little Neck Popper

Let’s get your weekend started on a right track.

As you know, Surfcaster’s Journal staff is a big fan of Super Strike Custom Lures. On many days and nights we have used nothing but their stuff and caught a ton. I don’t need to tell you about the benefits, the fact that they are affordable, almost indestructible and designed to catch year after year. You know all this.

My job is to make you aware of things about Super Strike Custom Lures that you might not know. Like when they came out with a 2 3/4 “Heavy” popper last year. You can tell the ‘heavy” version by its red eyes. It quickly become one of our favorite lures

Now they did it again. Super Strike Custom Lures is introducing a “Heavy” version of their 3 ounce Little Neck Popper. This latest incarnation weighs in at 3 3 /4 ounces . It shares the same body with its 3 ounce sibling but its heavier, obviously. I have not had a chance to cast it yet due to my elbow pain but I am hoping to get a cortisone shot on Monday and hopefully be able to cast soon…..I hope

In the mean time Steve Musso, the driving force behind Super Strike Lures  sent me a package during the week containing these new Super Strike Little Neck “Heavy” Poppers. I am sure he thought that I was going to hide them somewhere where the sun don’t shine and hoard them for myself. But that is not my style.

So today, we are going to give two readers of the Surfcaster’s Journal Blog a chance to win one Super Strike Little Neck “Heavy” 3 38/4 ounce Poppers each. To enter just say either that you are a Super strike fan, that you want one, that you need one, that you are in, that you need to lose few pounds…ha-ha..just enter any way you want. This giveaway is open to all readers.

The winner of Salt Life Venice Zeiss shades giveaway from last week is

You have 5 days to email us at with your address.

Good Luck and have a great weekend




236 comments on “Win a new Super Strike Custom Lures “Heavy” 3 3/4 ounce Little Neck Popper

  1. Mbo

    This is something my bag neeeeds to have. I am finishing an old school honey Lami with new school components. It’ll want this heavier offering. I’m in! Thanks for the chance…

  2. ChuckR

    I’m a BIG Super strike fan and not because I need to loose weight! 🙂 I definitely want one, I CRAVE to have to have one.. AND you can COUNT ME IN ! Thanks Z and the SJ crew ..

  3. Dan Schaufler

    I’m a Super Strike fan, who can loose a few pounds,needs a new lure and of course I’M IN !!! Thanks guys. Haha

  4. Mark

    I’m a Super Strike fan, I’m in, I want one, I need one, and I need to loose more than a few pounds. Casting a Heavy Little Neck Popper will help me burn calories.

  5. CTMatt

    I need to lose a few pounds but my bag can stand to gain a but more.

    I didn’t know other people made lures… I have only heard of and used SS lol

  6. BOB


  7. Jeffrey Johnson

    I am a Super strike fan, and I want one, I need one,I’m in, and I need to lose few pounds..HAHHAHAHA

  8. Al Dyer

    I don’t bowl or pitch a baseball and I am not a member of any organized labor unions, but I’d love a Super Strike.

  9. Andy Smith

    I plan to chase Snook, Redfish and Bluefish with my gift. I will post pictures of the fish caught. Good luck looks like a great product.

  10. Jim M.

    I need to lose more than a few, lol – I’m in! The SS heavies have been very handy this Spring, it seems like when ever I finally get out, there’s a nasty wind that’s always in my face. Thanks for the chance and good luck with the shoulder!

  11. jerry mosca

    Hey, Z im broke homeless and starving i need this plug to feed my self !!!!!!!! LOL! im all in

  12. Dave Whitney

    I need one, I’m in!!!!!!
    Love these poppers and been getting teen to 20 lb bass since mid week on them!

  13. Dan Radman

    I want! I need! I have to have!!!! I must have!! I’m in!!! Love the Super Strike lures!!!!

    Thanks Zeno and Steve!

  14. Tom Meador

    I need one_ i dont have one and i could lose maybe a pound or two if i get one!! I live for Superstrike Lures!!

  15. pistol pete

    If you are a surfcaster and dont own super strike, go slap yourself.

    I own plenty, and there’s ALWAYS room for more! especially ones that you win

  16. Jim J.

    It looks like I’m a little late to this party was at my daughters graduation at Umass the past two days but I’m in please

  17. Jared Henry

    I am a Super strike fan, I definitely want one, I am in, And I certainly could afford to lose few pounds. Thanks for the opportunity Z. !

  18. Mike S.

    I am a Super strike fan!
    I want one!
    I need one!
    I am in!
    Oh ya, and I need to lose few pounds …. HA

    THX SJ and SS …. !

  19. Ty (Bluesman) Garvin

    I need one. I want one. I’m a fan of “Super Strike” Little neck poppers!!!! I’m all in it, to win it. >


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