It’s the weekend and we hope you guys are catching. My week long weakfish bite came to  scratching halt once the wind shifted, not totally unexpected either. We shall see what the future will bring after the wind lays down and tides go late into the night. I guess I am curious if this is just a fluke or there will be some legs to this weakfish bite….because if this thing is for real I need to seriously consider getting another 9 foot set up, bunch of small swimming plugs, bucktails, lead heads….and rigging my bike to go to places I have not visited in years,

I would like to thank few people while I am musing about this. First , all our supporters and advertisers. We truly could not pull this off without you. Putting together an almost 200 page issue magazine with bunch of original videos takes a lot of effort with help from all the contributors.

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Red Top Sporting Tackle on the shores of Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts. I will forever be gratefully to them for taking my first book, The Art of Surfcasting with Lures into their store when no one even knew my name. Salt Water Edge or “Edge” as it’s called these days do not need any introduction. As you might notice Edge will be no handling all SJ gear in their store. Hopefully Tommy will make some stickers soon, I know a lot of you have been asking for them.

You will see changes on the blog starting this week. We decided to get columnist involved a little more. After all, you can only read what I have to say for so long before wanting to take a  fork and stick it in your eye. I have blogs lined up from John Papciak, Roger Martin, Big Rock, Lou Caruso and Dave Anderson will be a major contributor going forward. In addition we have guest blogs coming up from Dennis Zambrotta and Bill Wetzel. And as I told you before, if any of our readers want to contribute, feel free to send me your submission and if we like it, we’ll publish it on the blog. We hope you are enjoying reading the new issue and we know that you are catching fish. They are all over the Facebook!..ha-ha


Speaking of Facebook, we are going to give you a chance to win some sweet stuff on our Facebook page starting in a  week or so. In conjunction with PENN Fishing, we are going to award not one, or two, but nine lucky winners a brand new Penn Prevail surf rods. The way it’s going to work is that every week or so we will ask you to post the pictures of your catches on our Facebook page and you will have a week to do it. After that period is over we will use SJ SuPeR cOmPuTeR to pick three random winners. Folks from PENN Fishing will then ship the Prevail Surf Rods to your house. How sweet is that, you get to fish, catch it, take a picture of it for posterity, post it on one of the most popular FB fishing page around AND a have a chance to win a new Prevail Rod and have it shipped to your doorstep.


2 comments on “Weekend

  1. mark d

    huge struggle to read the new SJ on my crappy satellite feed internet hook up. took days…….and well worth it.
    thks so much to all you guys for what you do.


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