Win a New "Super Bread" from Super Strike Lures

I am constantly amazed at transformations that are slowly but surely taking place at Super Strike Lures last few years. First there were weighted bottle plugs, then the whole line of needlefish got a makeover with a “Heavy” versions. And then they are new colors Steve Musso has been painting…oh my. If you are a fan of super strike on Facebook, you already have seen some of his latest creations. I am very much of a proponent of keeping my lures simple and carrying only those that I feel that have good “mojo”, regardless of the moon phase, time of day or conditions. Yet I look at the picture below and I start to droll uncontrollably.

Yeah, that is a new “Super Bread” pattern from Super Strike. I was told that it will be available at Surf Day, River’s End Show in CT. From what I understand, it will be available in all models in near future but in limited sizes.

It’s only fair that Surfcaster’s Journal Blog readers get a first crack on winning one today. There are few, if any  sites out there that have more SS fans than here at SJ. Thank you Mr. Steve “DudeBro” Musso for making this possible. Happy Sunday ladies and Gents from us at SJ and SS crew.







We are shutting down the pre-order page for SJ Hoodies, Knit caps and t-shirts Monday afternoon. You must get your order in by then if you want us to pre-order any SJ gear. Monday afternoon, we will take the order page down and place your orders for hoodies, shirts and caps.

After then it should be about a week or so before they are made and shipped to you. You will recive a Paypal notification once the item is shipped and we will make a post here on the blog

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  1. frederick Klein

    “Absolutely Beautiful Plug“ The Color Combination,Just the Whole Look Of It,.,Amazing Stuff Here ! “I’m In”


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