New video and a chance to win some neat Tactical Anglers gear

You didn’t think we’d go a whole week without giving you a chance to win something neat, did you ? 🙂

Here is a video I shot with Crazy Alberto when I was in Florida recently. He is the kind of guy that you can spend hours talking to on camera about fishing. And I did…and one of these days I will sit down and get to the really fun part…editing.

But right now, here is a video we did with Al talking about his clips



And yes, after watching the video you will be eligible to win these Tactical Angler Clips and a Tactical Angler Hat that has some mojo . I swear Crazy One (or Mr. Miyagi as some have called him recently) rubbed it for a good luck…honest. 🙂


Good luck


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237 comments on “New video and a chance to win some neat Tactical Anglers gear

  1. Matt

    Im in … Its always a pleasure talking to Al when i bump into him either at tournement or show. The man truely has a passion for fishing that goes beyond the introduction of his products.

  2. Brian

    Its as easy as Al shows in the video.

    I switched over to these TA clips last fall and love em. Its all I used all season. Only bought a pack but I will be buying more for sure.

    I’m in.


  3. Bill Frerking

    I had those since they were “Spinlink clip & Fastlink clip.” I really like the improvement. A real Fastlink!!

  4. harv

    Im in i would like to see all clips put on at night but i guess if u know what ur doin u have extra leeders w clips attached already


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