Send us a picture and win a new Penn Spinfisher V reel

Let’s get to picking winners of Guppy Lure Co 3 ounce Popper and T-shirt giveaway. We have two winners, each one will receive a popper and a shirt directly from the Hess brothers at Guppy Lures.

You can visit Guppy Lure Co at to see their entire line of lures






The winners are

Robert K


Rob L

You both have 5 days to email us your mailing address at

All I can say is that you guys, the readers of SJ Magazine and Blog are a lucky bunch. You should make sure your digital camera, your Iphone, Droid orΒ  Polaroid πŸ™‚ is in the tip top shape because we, along with some great sponsors, will make this fall memorable one.

Yes, you will have a chance to win a ZeeBaaS reel. The details will be announced in this upcoming issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. Not only a ZeeBaaS reel but a new Legend from St Croix, a custom bag from Commando Surfcasting, pliers and sheath from Hansom Tackle and more…Tommy is putting finishing touches on it. So for that you will have to wait. There is something else brewing, probably the most rewarding thing we have ever been part of and involves our Veterans and your chance to thank one for his or her service by nominating them for a prize of a lifetime. More on that coming up soon….

But first, you know that PENN Reel Co is coming out with a new sealed Spinfisher V reel. It is expected in the stores in October. You can win one right here on the blog, courtesy of fine folks from Penn. You will get to pick your own model although the live liners are not expected for few months. How do you win this new, sealed Spinfisher V?

Glad you asked

Here is a deal. As of today, you can send your best fall run picture to . Please put SPINFISHER V Photo contest in the email heading. You can email us your pictures until the first week of November. We will then pick our favorite 5 and let our blog readers pick one that is their favorite and award that person a brand spanking new SPINFISHER V from PENN Reels.

What kind of picture? Anything goes EXCEPT pictures of DEAD FISH. Do not send us those, save them for Facebook. Scenery, people, blitzes, fish, catches, casting, sleeping, farting, eating…you get my drift.

Anything that has anything to do with surf fishing except pictures of dead slobs. Grab your camera and go shot something

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36 comments on “Send us a picture and win a new Penn Spinfisher V reel

  1. Ted C

    Please tell me the pics people send in will be posted somewhere for us to see? I’m guessing there will be some HILARIOUS entries!! I’ll do my best to make sure of that.

  2. captn bob

    Hey Z great idea. takes a little load off your picture duties. Can’t wait to see them. The “in” people should be banned!

  3. Barry D Thomas Sr

    Z Im In!

    Your is not the Only Mac that takes forever to load, Mine will be going to the cematary as soon as I can get another one. Maybe a Magazine of .45 Rounds will help?

  4. CTmatt

    What a bunch of friggin dummies. LEARN HOW TO READ THE WHOLE POST !

    Great stuff…blog has been a bit quiet lately…great to see some awesome things going on!

  5. Bruce Bjork

    Best part of this blog is the upcoming “thank your veteran” (US Navy Helo squadron, four years, got out in 69) and “I’m not in” because I did read the entire blog like I do all the time. Thanks Z and I’m doing my best to take advantage of all the tips from the book I bought from you a few weeks ago “Fishing the Bucktail”.

  6. harv

    Any assmunch who says “I’m in” should be banned , fined & delegated to help move obamas shit outta the white house in nov lmao

  7. Zeno Post author

    yeah Matt, its quiet
    we only got a meeting with new mag desiners, new platform, new issue coming up, new tournament, new picture contest, new book in works, kids first week of school and yeah, the little pesky thing called fishing..

  8. Bill K.

    Wow, I guess these are the same “in people” making the Montauk village scene what it is today…lol

    You can expect a bunch of pics from me πŸ™‚ Awesome contest.

  9. rick spero

    Thanks, will send pics of my old green 706s, all 5 of them. I still fish with them. I even have 2 of my grandfathers Crack 300s, which I still use on occasion.

  10. Tim

    Guess that eliminates those of us who are periodic surf fishermen and spend the majority of our lives waaaay inland and about a “mile high”. We’ll just have to enjoy the contest through the joy of others. Haven’t won anything yet, why change anything now, lol. Best of luck to the real participants and NOT the “I’m In” slackers, hehehe.


  11. R Kretzer

    Great offer and chance to win some nice reels! thanks SJ, and thank you for the lure and t-shirt πŸ™‚ just what i needed 24 hours before the L5S1 back bridge surgery tomorrrow morning.
    not much of a fall run in my future πŸ™ . thanks again guys.

  12. CTMatt

    Next person who says “I’m in” should get a gorilla blue to the nuts and be forced to listen to Rebecca Black for the remainder of the Fall Run.

  13. Tim

    BOO HISS!!! Some of us fish alone and don’t have someone to take a pic. More importantly, don’t you think it is more more important to quickly release a fish than trying to take the perfect picture? Yes I take some pics of fish I catch, but it defeats the purpose by asking for a perfect picture while saying the fish must be released safely. Many people will forgo caring and releasing the fish properly to get a great picture. Stepping off soap box. Thanks. Tim


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