Super Strike new “Heavy” Popper

I had a pleasure of playing with new Super Strike “Heavy” Little Neck swimmers last few weeks. Steve Musso and I did some video off the dock few months ago but my Mac has been crashing so much I really lost interest in trying to repair it. Got back on the horse this weekend and managed to finish new version of the video, between twenty crashes. I must have the only Mac that the damned ball spins and spins and spins. Never thought I would say that Windows Vista gave me less headache than this…

but I regress

What about Super Strike Heavy poppers?

They obviously cast very well, actually better that original sinking version which is just about everyone favorite lure. I would expect somewhere between ten and thirty yards on your cast, depending on your casting style.


The most remarkable part is that you would expect this plug to sink faster, because it heavier? This would make it harder to pop, right?


The heavy popper is actually easier to bring out on the surface and pop. It is easier to keep it up there. But don’t take my word for it, you will see it for yourself soon enough when you cast one. And the most remarkable attribute of this (and all other SS Little Neck Swimmers) is the way it swims on a straight retrieve

Winner of Guppy popper and t-shirt tomorrow. Now, enjoy the video



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18 comments on “Super Strike new “Heavy” Popper

  1. Jerry

    I love little neck sinkers. Great to stagger retrieve speed and “pop” urgency or just a slow, straight retrieve to hit lower water columns which for me seems to be the better method at night. During the day, pop it a few times, increase or decrease the urgency to make it a more/less frantic action then stop dead for a few seconds and let it slowly sink like an exhausted baitfish, then resume the pop. Great versalility plus you can toss them a mile. Just my experience, can’t wait to try the heavies.

  2. Brendan

    Spinning beach ball? Try a clean up program like maintenance 3.8 or just hit the Genius Bar at an apple store. They’ll help you out and I think it’s free.

  3. Zeno Post author

    Brendan..i tried million things, nothing worked. My Mac will crash at least 5 times while making 1 minute video. I teied uloading,reloading,prefrence, clean up….nothing worked for more than few days
    I only use mac for vidoes so now i will move everthing off the HD and erase the whole drive..last try..after that is garbage can

  4. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Just once I would love to see you guys cast a plug to film how it looks and have a big bass or blue come suck it down.

  5. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Googan… maybe.. who am I to label… But com-on! you make so many good films .. it is bound to happen…haha

  6. sioca

    Zeno, are we going to loose the ability to access the previous issues of the magazine? Don’t mind paying for the access.
    On the top banner there are a whole lot of great shots that repeat. Is there a way to save them as screen savers on my computer?

  7. Dave Whitney

    Just picked a heavy up . Little neck poppers kicked butt for me this past weekend on the north shore, love them!

  8. Zeno Post author

    no, you will get accses to all the old issues
    as far as the pictures on the top of the blog, not sure how you and if can be saved


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