Win a Halloween Scary Super Strike Needlefish

Happy Halloween Everyone !
Over the weekend we’ll announce the winners of Gibbs Lures giveaway but for today we got something special from Super Strike Lures
Steve Musso asked me if I wanted to give our blog readers a chance to win one of two of these special Halloween Super Strike Needlefish lures he made and I said does bear sh*! in the woods?
The second one Steve is giving away on his Facebook page. Of course if you are their fan on FB you should enter there too.
So here is your chance and we’ll make this short and sweet, both giveaway winners announced on Sunday. new issue is coming ip as is John Skinner brand new book release and yes, the powers that be decided that 1@ 28 coastwise is the right approach to managing striped bass.
Enjoy your Halloween, if you got little ones, soak up that excitement. They grow up too fast2014 FB halloween

294 comments on “Win a Halloween Scary Super Strike Needlefish

  1. mikenj

    its “scary” the stuff you give away,……. do i have a “ghost” of a chance to win that awesome lure….its “Spooky” what i can use that lure for…..that plug can turn fish into the living ….then dead fish….thats enough…i’m in………….thanks you

  2. Mack Rhoades

    Happy All’s Hallowed Eve… and I would love to win one to try around Clatsop Spit at the Mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon!


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