List of winners, ASMFC and other stuff

Let me get to the winners of past week giveaway. All winners, you have 5 business days to contact us with your shipping address at

First, we got three winter of Gibbs Pro Series Lures

The first winner who will walk away with A Pro Series Rainbow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper is

The Second winner will get a Pro Series Black Scale 3.5 ounce Glider is


And a third winner gets for his entry a Pro Series Yellow Canal Special 3.5 ounce Pencil Popper is


Very nice, congrats to all winners and thank you to Gibbs Lures for making this possible. You can check out their entire line of lures at

Next, winner of halloween Super Strike Scary Needlefish giveaway is

Congrats and thank you Steve and Don Musso for making this possible too. you can check out Super Strike at

2014 FB halloween

Speaking of Halloween, I hope many of you have managed to get out on the Holloween at some point during that wicked NE wind. There was good fishing to had from Montauk down to Jersey. Real good fishing. How do i know? I read it on FB like the rest of you 

Funny how we came from a sport that was on “need to know” basis for what seems like ever to one when every bite in on FB before the fish is landed. lol….If you remember few years ago i wrote a post when GoPro came out with wifi capabilities that we are close to having a bite broadcast in real-time. We are not doing that yet but we are close to it. I literally watched a fellow post a picture on FB of every consecutive fish he caught. Does it bother me? Not really, its his life, he can do what he wants. But next day I was told there was 300% percent more anglers present in this location.

Again, nothing unusual about this. God knows I’ve chased plenty of reports over the years. It just seems to me that the change has been drastic in last ten or twenty years.
But this might be a good thing. I know people seem a lot more friendlier and quicker to embrace newcomers than there were years ago. People seem friendlier towards each other on the beach and are more willing to share info. This is all a good thing in my opinion. So you kind of got to weigh good versus bad.


On totally unrelated subject….I am sure you’ve read that ASMFC decided at one fish at 28 inches coast wide which is 25% reduction from current levels. Personally, I would have preferred moratorium and making striped bass gamefish but again, it is what it is. Some people say its a victory for striped bass.
Just remember one thing, recreational anglers unlike commercial have no quota. This mean you can harvest as many as you can legally during the day until the last day of the year. And if powers that be estimated that xyz party boat would kill 10 000 pounds in a year but he ends up killing 50 000 pounds, oh well, we made a booboo
Don’t forget one equally important thing. States have to reduce their take by 25 percent using conservation equivalency..what does that mean?
Instead of one fish of 28 inches for everyone lets say in NY….NY DEC can decide one fish at 28 for us mortals and 2 fish at 32 for all party and charter boats. This is just an example but these kind of regulations fall under “conservation equivalency”
What do you think your local party and charter boat lobbyist is doing right now? Fighting for one at 28 for all?
Don’t bet on it
This fight is not over yet..


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7 comments on “List of winners, ASMFC and other stuff

  1. andy_k

    Congratulations to the winners. You all have my envy as well as your prize.

    As for the results for so called fish conservation….
    Personally, I don’t see how the fish itself benefits. But then I am British, with no legislation to govern me beyond a minimum size limit, which in 40+ years of fishing, I have yet to see anyone “official” check any ones bags or catches to make sure that what they are taking is remotely of legal size (and you wont believe how pathetically small some of these are!). Not ordinary anglers anyways. Commercials, yeah, but the everyday person just has them self and maybe their fishing mates to say whether something is ok to take or not. So I guess that even feeble protection for your stripers is something and my mother always told me that “something’s better than nothing at all”.

    Good luck guys and enjoy what you have, whilst you still have it.


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