Win a Guides Choice Swimmer and PB for one of our own

Few weeks ago I wrote a little something about Guides Choice Old School swimmer and how productive of a lure has it been for me at times. It was Lou Caruso, our Rod Guru who piqued my interest in this lure by telling me how well he has caught with it last year.  I don’t know about you but I am a big believer in lure’s “mojo”. Once your lure gets some mojo, it becomes a totally different animal. You not only cast it when you should…but also when you shouldn’t, AND still expect it to catch fish

As always, when I want to learn about a new lure, I include it in my rotation. Now you might say what is the big deal, we all have rotations…. Well, I don’t know about you but I use a one row bag these days and my rotation is harder to crack then Philadelphia Philly’s starting 5. To get in one of the slots I will probably have to squeeze out a Super Strike plug, lures that represent at least 75% of the rotation. So yeah, it’s a big deal for a plug to be added to the bag. I am sure it’s same thing for many of you.

Few nights ago I was fortunate enough to fish with Surfcaster’s Journal Chef extraordinaire, Andrew Chase. We were sharing a rock  at Cuttyhunk Island and Andrew was having a challenging night, to say the least. Fish were just not responding to what he was throwing. I offered him my yellow Guides Choice Old School Swimmer and at first he declined. But after I had few more fish on it, he accepted my offer.

I am glad he did because few casts latter something very wonderful happened to Andrew.

He caught his personal best on it…the fish was released after a quick photo


So, in honor of Andrew’s personal best, we at Surfcaster’s Journal will give one of our readers a chance to win this Guides Choice Old School swimmer, courtesy of our friends and supporters from Guides Choice Tackle. Check out their website at  for all the fish catching colors of the Old School Swimmers. The full story of adventures with chef Andrew coming up in the future edition of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

Good luck and tight lines

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188 comments on “Win a Guides Choice Swimmer and PB for one of our own

  1. martino Agosta

    Way to go Andrew, if anybody i know deserves a fish llike that its you bud… I’m in and thanks….

  2. bdubbs

    I’m in. Used the bunka boy this past spring as a surface swimmer and the bass absolutely loved it. Crushing it whenever they saw it

  3. Frank W

    Congrats Andrew, When someone is offering their lure (or rock for that matter) I have learned to take it. Looks like you have as well. Nice fish.

    Oh yeah, I’m in too.


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