We love big fish…

The winner of Superline Braid Shears from Berkley Fishing is Mathew Vaccaro

 Matt, please email us your shipping address at info@surfcastersjournal.com

Matt guessed two of my three favorite pictures, cover and page 95

Now for the main course

We love Big fish….especially the ones that go back in the water after a quick photo

 it is our  pleasure to announce the winner of May STRIPERTHON 2011 Catch and Release Photo contest.

His name is Ron DiCostanzo and he is a plug-ho 🙂

….ok , he is more than that, he is a guy behind Lordship Lure Co.

In early May he made his maiden voyage to Promised Land, aka Cuttyhunk, MA. He was told that he was too early in the season, that the water was too cold, that he is wasting his time, that bait is still to the south….

He didn’t beat his personal best once….he did it twice in one night.

Including this beauty,,  congrats Ron

you’ll find out the whole story in future edition of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

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16 comments on “We love big fish…

  1. Chris A

    Ron Congrats now that what I am talking about. And bigger thanks to SJ and crew promoting C and R. This is new age mag that was needed and now we have it and plus 2 because it great mag too.

  2. bunufish

    Awesome. Cuttyhunk… will need to talk to the wife about a trip there =). What was your 3rd favorite photo?

  3. Jasonb2

    Thats how I roll also, just do what you love, and fish no matter what u hear. Now if I could just score one of those beauts.

  4. CTmatt

    I am willing to bet my go to setup that he caught this on his beat up, 3 year old Lordship A40 eelskin plug…

  5. Rob Cohn

    He caught it on one of his Lordship needles- so that makes it even more sweet and in waders. So you don’t always have to have a wetsuit at Cutty to catch the fish of your dreams.


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