Win a great set of lures from Tactical Anglers

Another “working” weekend for us at SJ. I hope and pray that after all this work last few weeks you like what we did. We should be ready to go with a new issue this upcoming week. Hopefully after the website, blog and new vertical format has been set, all the heavy lifting has been done. We were proof reading the new issue last few days and one thing that jumped at me was that there are 8 videos embedded in this issue. EIGHT! Holy crap. Four are embedded into ads, Montauk Time and Tide preview . Skinner barracuda from the Keys and two original videos, one on lure making and one on rod repair. Me thinks that advertising with embedded video will be a big thing in the future, not talking about SJ but in general.

I wish I had few hours to sit here and write a lengthy post but I been staring at this PC for 5 hours a day after my regular job all week. Looking forward to taking my wife out to dinner and shutting my phone off. I know Tommy, who has been working his ass off to make this happens sure feels the same. For those of you that preordered hoodies from online store, we placed the order yesterday. Expected shipping date is 1/24. Thank you again for all you guys do.

Let’s celebrate this “SJ wrap us weekend” with a giveaway of a large Darter and a large Pencil Poper from our friends at Tactical Anglers

369 comments on “Win a great set of lures from Tactical Anglers

  1. Pistol Pete

    Im in…

    Hey Zeno… You mentioned the mag is going to a subsciption this year… the new issue is a week away, but where do we subscribe and send payment to???

  2. TedC

    I’m in

    I CAN’T WAIT for the new issue!!! As i’m sure everyone else is… I’m going crazy looking forward to the spring run, (not to mention a certain delivery on they way!)

    Thanks for all the hard work and sacrifice that goes into the mag… Its always a great joy flipping through and enjoying all the art and creativity that you guys put into it.

  3. Mr Joel Hoffman

    sign me up for the contest they look sharp i can try to catch some fresh water river muskies with those bad boys


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