Montauk Surfcasters

Let’s start your morning off on the right foot, by unveiling the first preview of the Montauk Surfcasters series that, God willing, will appear in March in the pages of SJ. I might be bold by then if I keep pulling my hair out working with videos. It’s fun when it works but a bitch when it does not want to play nice



my apologies but I found out late that YouTube disabled this video for mobile device and tablets….they only allow you to see it on desktop
here is a diferent version for you phone freaks. The music is different, the video is the same


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We are taking the order page down on Thursday and ordering the stuff. Thanks to all of you that have put the order in. Expect a shipping on or around the 24th

33 comments on “Montauk Surfcasters

  1. sioca

    AWESOME!!!! Z…

    Love director’s chair, night shots, slow mo, clarity (HD), etc. etc. You are now a film maker… (producer/writer/director)

    Congratulations, no longer a novice! Keep’em coming!!

  2. Jim

    Great footage, you don’t need to improve your skill with a camera. On the other hand due to the decline of bass stocks more shots of fish being put back ( the right way )would be nice.

  3. CTMatt

    Well done Z…you need to be more proud of what you do here. You get way too critical of your skills which most people can’t or don’t know how to do. I know you are trying to be modest and all but SJ presents a lot of great material average Joe’s would never have exposure to. Thanks for your hard work.

  4. Zeno Post author

    Ken..its not you…youtube blocked the mobile viewing because of music I can still se it on pc or mac but not moblie…I got to do this shit all over again.

  5. mike b

    I am wicked excited ….Zeno your ability to capture our sport is second to none. This new series will awesome just as any other SJ endeavor. Thank you for taking time out of your already busy life to provide all that you do, for i definitely have caught and released more fish since i found SJ

    My wife got me a copy of your newest book HOOKED and it was great! I just wish it was longer haha I was bummed when i finished reading.

    Do you sign all your books?

  6. Ken

    Still having problems with safari on my I-pad . Any suggestions ? I have never had a problem with any of your videos. before . Thanks .

  7. Rob Santise

    Great Video Zeno, I,m the guy at minute 1:24 weighing the lunker at Paulies. Beware, I’ll be back in the fall on the board again!!!

  8. Dan

    As for the release of that one fish well I’ve seen worse. more often than not. Also the use of that shot showed that some still show very little respect for our game of choice. Another thing is the amount of footae that needs to be shot juswt to get enough for even ten minutes of random 5 second shots is enormous sometimes you just end up putting in something that you at another time migh not use. beside I believe Zeno was trting to make a point and show us something. Think about it for a minute.

    OK now I will shut up.

  9. Mike S.

    WOW …. Z, you just keep getting better and better …. was surprised not to see you nominated for an Oscar yesterday

    Great job …. even had to show the Mrs.and she offered a big BRAVO!


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