Win a great set of lures from Guides Secret Lures

I understand that my English can be a mid hard to decipher but sometimes I feel like I have to write on a kindergarten level. Even after editing my poor attempt at humor the other day and explain the changes at SJ I still got emails saying “sorry to see you go”. I am not going anywhere! So let’s try this again but this time read it sloooooowly

It is my pleasure to tell you that our Plugoholics Anonymous columnist Mr. Dave Anderson will be a managing editor of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine in 2013. You have a story to pitch? Email him at

What does this mean? Only that I am relinquishing some reasonability’s to those who are hopefully better qualified than I (I know, not a high bar there..ha-ha). Dave will be lining up content, editing and working with writers in general. He will also be doing something else but more on that when we are ready. Like I told you, there will be expansion in more ways than one.

Mr. Roger Martin, our editor emeritus will try his hand in writing a column from Old Fart perspective. Hell, I think we should call it Old Man Farts column. Just don’t tell him he is not “cool”. He does not like that.

Tommy is still Art Director and I am still here. Same chair, same keyboard, writing this blog and helping Dave with magazine. I see myself drifting more and more towards the visual end of things, video and photos so I will hopefully have more time to devote to that from now on.

There are few more (possible) major announcements to come but none of those are finalized and I hate to have to take stuff back after I open my big fat mouth

Over the years I have met surfcasters who can’t wait for a first warm day in March to wet their line. I’ve meet guys who have an insane collections of tiny lures which the rotate in their bags in the early spring, looking to match the hatch. Then they are those who prefer to use only large lures and they usually start their spring hunt much later. I always gravitated to the later group although  I been on both sides depending on weather and things going on in my life. I went through the period where I would wait for big skinny bluefish to show up in May before I ever make a first cast. That used to be an automatic thing although in recent years it has not lived up to its billing.

Last few years I been spending more and more time, usually with Silver Fox in the back bays in May. Traffic is light that time of the year and by the time we get there after dark its usually deserted. But we found a consistent bite, depending on tide and weather of course. And they are usually all bass. Bombers, Yo-Zuri MagDarters, small Redfins, Redgil teasers, they all catch fish. But my best lure in the spring of 2012 was a new lure in my bag, Guides Secrets Mucho Minnow. I am sure this was to a large extent a result of me casting it more than any other. In fact, I am sure it was. The thing is, I don’t care if you will admit or not, for whatever reason, one lure seems to be “hot” every season. And then everyone and their mother buys one, and then they all toss it, they all catch fish and suddenly the lure goes from “nice plug” to “omg you MUST have this”. Which is funny because I always thought that lure makers give us the tools but unless you are skilled tradesman, you final result will not be what you expected, regardless if you have a hot lure or not. I don’t ad many lures to my bag each season although I go through dozens of them when I try to get a sense if it’s worth testing and writing about. Even some lures that we write about can’t fit in my bag, there is only so much room in there and Super Strike takes about 75% of the space. It would be hard to fish without them. But some trickle in , especially in the spring bag. Admission to the fall bag is a tougher nut to crack.

I added magdarters, redgils,gotstrypers over the years and now it looks like Macho Minnow will get a spot too. Not sure if it’s the size or profile but the bass seem to love them when conditions are right. Last fall I been using their Big Poppa Pencil poppers in addition to Guppy’s pencil poppers because the not-so-bright people at Yo-Zuri discontinued our beloved surface cruisers. Funny part was, I don’t feel I gave up anything by using these lures, in some ways I like them in some situations more.

I found a stash of Guides Secret lures in my man cave yesterday so I will give one of our blog readers a chance to win them and have some fun tossing them to stripers this spring.

It includes

  • Mucho Minnow swimmer
  • skinny Minny swimmer
  • Baby BottlePop popper
  • Needle Stick

Good luck to all and say hi this weekend at the mall when I am trying to elbow my way to cash register. Oh, the procrastination disease is not an easy thing to deal with.

290 comments on “Win a great set of lures from Guides Secret Lures

  1. harv

    NOh thank god ur leaving! Lmao haha only joking grouchy. Bam bam im in like flynn 4 a muy macho minnow mmmffffaaa. Btw we love dave anderson but dont expect a return email

  2. Andrew Errickson

    The swimmers look really nice. I’m definitely in. Merry Christmas to you guys and your families. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Gerard D

    I’m in thanks Z . Hope you make it out alive from shopping. Every where becomes the biggest spot burn in the world. All the sharpies are done and all the googans are elbow to elbow, gotta love it.

  4. Jim M.

    I’m in!! That’s a nice mix for back bays, I like. Good luck with the changes, and glad to see the project grow. Best holiday wishes to you and the gang and everyone’s family…

  5. sioca

    I’m in!! Thanks Z!!

    Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays to all!!

    Congrats to Dave Anderson. Color don’t matt…..Aahhh! welcome! lol

  6. dan

    Zeno its not your writing grammer english that had some confused. more likely did not read completely. I was oh Wow but kept reading and dawned on me, “oh just delegating good for him. So what I am getting at is it is not nessesarily you. Chances are I just annoyed someone, to them I apologize


  7. GlennS

    I’m In! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all… Can’t wait to see what SJ has in store for all of us come 2013. Keep up the great work!!!!

  8. James Carter

    Don’t worry about your ‘Cringlish’! We’re Americans, after all, and as a result, can understand ANYTHING! We understand you perfectly. Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well as everybody on this site, and I’M IN!!!!

  9. Bob B

    Pleasant Holidays to you and the staff at SJOM. May the coming year be happy healthy and financially fruitfull.
    I’m in.

  10. Elden Ip

    Im in…not to sound like a “suck-up” but Im damn glad that I found this site this year. Great magazine for the surfcasting community. It’s great to see that someone cares about the other “10,000,000” recreational salt water that do not run 50 foot sportfishing yachts. Seems like we have an industry that caters to the 1.5 million anglers that have boats only. Great Job and have a Merry Christmas, relax this year for all the great work that you folks do!!

  11. Danielle

    My husband would flip if he could have these! Doing this for him secretly, he reads this journal everyday when he is not working his butt off for his family. Wish he could have these, cuz come spring and fall every free moment he has he is casting into the surf. Happy Holidays!


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