Really cool stuff

new video from Peter Laurelli….

This year the full 20 minute movie will be shown as part of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival



Dude makes EPIC videos…the underwater footage of last year one was insane!



15 comments on “Really cool stuff

  1. Brian K

    Remember seeing the one you posted up last year. Great job on shots, narrative, editing and music.
    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas to all of you at SJ!!
    Good luck to your new crew also.

  2. Doug Perro

    Nice Z. Cool shot of Point Judith with a boat in the bAckground. Nice to see my favorite rock in a video. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays.

  3. mark d

    thks…this is why I look in everyday…or at least every day that I can…please pass on to Mr. Laurelli wow..homerun and I don’t even fly fish.

  4. Frank

    The way dude describes what its all about couldn’t have said it better myself we all walk that line between obsession and still being part of the “normal world” of friends and family. losing either is unacceptable sometimes i find myself slipping too far one way or the other.


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