Win a book "Fishing the Bucktail" by John Skinner

Lets finish the week on a high note by giving one of you chance to win a copy of John Skinner’s new book ” Fishing the Bucktail”. I’ve noticed that few threads have already sprouted in places, singing praise to the man. As I told him the other day, some of us look upon him like we do at fishing God. No bull there. That is why I was surprised to hear that his bestseller A Season on the Edge was only available in six location.

Anyway, if you live in NJ , have a ball catching fish till your arms hurt. If you are east of NYC…well, enjoy the football

Saltwater Edge, CampSite Sports,The Surfcaster, River’s End, Red Top, East End,Giglio, Fisherman’s Headquarters and Amazon have them in stock.

 I will drop a some at  LI Outdoorsman on Saturday morning and JJ Sports and Ramsey will have them on Monday. Here is the list of stores that have an advance copy you can check out. Fisherman Supply, Efingers, Brielle, Grumpy’s,Harry’s, Sport Fishing Outlet, Tackle Direct, Brielle, Betty and Nick,LH Water. In NY Tight Lines, Smiths Point, Saltwaters Tackle,Duffy’s, Paulies,Causeway,J&H, Sea Isle,Rocky Point, Cow Harbor,Terminal Tackle, Fisherman Depot, Capitol, Bernie’s. In New England  Falmouth, Snug Harbor Marina, CT Outfitters, Hook-up, Quaker Lane,M&D’s,Bear’s Den, Powederhorn, Surfland,Saco Bay,Newton,Larry’s tackle,CMS, Fisherman’s World,Larry’s and Goose Hummock. And i am sure I forgot some..

I got too many balls in the air right now but I hope when the dust settles I will be able to go back on the Mac and make some videos for you. Right now, just trying to keep all the balls



164 comments on “Win a book "Fishing the Bucktail" by John Skinner

  1. woodwker99

    Good to see that Smiths point is now on the list. way to go Mike and Craig.
    Z since the first entry never wins can I hold my I’m in till later?

  2. Rob K.

    I’m inn. Thanks for the chance.

    and a big thank you to s/j and crew & saltwater edge for a great b/m needle I picked for my plug win. thanks again- see you at the pint fling.

  3. Rob G

    I say just buy the book – its so worth it. I read the chapters on beaches/inlets and ended my dry streak within 10 casts. Great info.


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