Montauk rocks



One of these days Rich will finish his masterpiece and turn it into a movie..









11 comments on “Montauk rocks

  1. Jeremy

    Looks beautiful. Hope to see it someday….but with a sidenote from the fisherman that its time to stop bringing bass home. Just my opinion. But Id do anything to have all those fish back in the water. Long live Montauk. Long live the Striped Bass.

  2. Jerry

    M is an absolutely amazing place and I can watch these trailers over and over. Grab a 2pc and a mountain bike and explore the north shore west of Fort Pond Bay or walk east from Ditch (or west). There are very few places on the east coast that have the potential to become a scene out of a National Geographic special as Montauk can… It was always crowded but the crap in the news recently and the Van Staals learning how to walk has me sick. Beach 116 in Rockaway was pristine once too. Jeremy nailed it.

  3. Mark Downey

    Mr Zeno,
    Just finished your book…wow…great. Look fwd to seeing how much of it I can apply here in Costa Rica. Just finished last SJ..again great thks

  4. Jeremy

    Thanks Jerry. That would be one hell of an epic nat geo special wouldnt it. I think it would open up a lot of eyes to the awesomeness of natures migrations in full swing and power! and the more who know (and care), I think the better…..Thanks for the videos Zeno and SJ!!!

  5. Capt'n Bob

    As always first class! Be nice to see the finished product. Great music great footage. been waiting two yrs just keep teasing us.


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