Win 5 very cool prizes

I hate when it happens but we have to be fair. We allow you 5 days to get in touch with us after you win something. If you haven’t, well, then you forfeit the prize. Seems like no one claimed BigFish Mackerel Prey swimmer from BigFishBaitCo. So we will give you another crack at it…AND THEN SOME


I turned down few gifts from manufactures this week…not because I don’t want you guys to win them, but for another reason. Hear me out, it’s not out of spite or because I don’t get to keep any…haha

I am afraid that if all we do here is give stuff away or talk about products, we turn into some subconscious product selling machine and we can’t have any of that. That why we labor making videos, coming up with the contest, interviewing interesting people. To keep it interesting. I just came across the blog this evening while doing some research and the blogger had nothing on the blog but product review after product review. How much shit do I really need to buy ???

You know what I am saying.,. it’s about catching fish, then all the other stuff. I am going to try to wrap Paulie Part 2 this weekend and upload it to youtube

So today we will have a big contest to win 5 prizes


Prize number 1 Big Fish Bait Co Prey Swimmer in Mackerel

Prize number 2 BigFishBaitCo authentic very cool hat

Prize number 3 Line Stretcher Lure

Prize number 4 Lure Tubes tube

Prize number 5 Bio Edge Scent


How do you win? Instead of 1 guy guessing my favorite picture in the issue #10 of the SJ Magazine, I picked my favorite 5 pictures in the order from picture  1 being my favorite, 2 second choice and so on. You get only one guess to pick one out of my fave 5. First 5 that pick the correct 5 page numbers the pictures are located wins a corresponding prize. Easy enough. We do this because some of you said that we should do something more challenging then just give away stuff. I tell you what, its challenging to type this at 4 am…I think next week we are going back to a regular giveaway…haha

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88 comments on “Win 5 very cool prizes

  1. bigfishlarry

    That mackerel “Prey” swimmer is sitting here hoping for a home in someones plug bag and maytbe a chance to swim with the fishes before seasons end!!!! Good luck folks!!

  2. matty7

    I am alittle upset because Im the winner from this giveaway from last week and as far as I knew I I claimed my prize I sent you guys my mailling info just like you asked to info@surfcasters and have been checking the mailbox eachday because I couldn’t wait to fish this amazing looking lure here is my info again (Matty sheehy 83acorm cr.apt#9 moriches ny 11955 Im not sure why you seem to have not gotten my email but I hope this can all be worked out thanks

  3. Zeno Post author

    Matty..don’t be upset..I get over hundred emails a day..its possible I screwed up..we’ll take care of it and get you your lure…we got other lures we can give to new apologies if thos ruined your morning but we will hook you worries dude…talk later when I get home

  4. Mike m

    I’ve got to honest z, I look forward to reading a good story, advise, or watching a video more than the prize giveaways. Not to say that I don’t like free stuff or don’t appreciate it, but… Just saying. Like always, Keep up the good work.

  5. Mag-Darter

    I guess I was reading the pages wrong and *151 has already been taken… i’ll go with Pg. 67… which is probably wrong anyway

  6. Zeno Post author

    Kevin (and this goes for anyone that has issue with viewer ) need to go to and download new verisonof Flash..its free and it takes a minute

  7. Mark Downey

    I dont care about this stuff. All I want is the next issue of SJ the day before yesterday.

    Is that too much to ask ?


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