Dreaming of other places

I don’t know how your fall is but mine is just an awful continuation of the last year’s one. No, wait, last fall had some good moments. This fall…I am still waiting. Few decent tides with Silver Fox that resulted in lots of small fish in Montauk. Locally?  I won’t even bother. It’s not for a total lack of effort either. Yes, I do fish a lot less these days but how can you not? Friday night I went out for an hour to Jones Beach only to find a chocolate milk looking water and no fish. Saturday I drove east and tossed live eels after seeing my partner nail a nice fish. Live Eels? Me? Holy crap, it’s been at least 5 years since I cast one. To add insult to injury we went back Sunday with live eels again and I got skunked again. About $100 in gas, 300 miles on my truck and not a bump. My friends didn’t do much better either. Yes, I know a spot where there has been a good bite. Yes I know its crowded to the point people are getting into fist fights. No thanks, I am not that desperate. What I am jonesing is to get my ass back to Cuttyhunk in spring. Many of you have read about our trip and emailed me about details ,info, logistics. I hope some of you went and had a ball.

Those of you that are catching, send us some pictures in for our STRIPERTHON 2011 contest


You know what we should do ?

 We should book the whole place (all 8 rooms…lmao) in the spring for a weekend and grill till we can eat no more. Then we should hit the rocks and nail some slobs. Have like a SJ Invitational Cup weekend…the dude with biggest fish wins some cool prize,..or you can hop in water and revieve your cow like Chef Andrew is doing this spring at Cutty


Hey, you get to hang with us, we get to tell our wives we are “working” on promoting magazine….:-)

who is into it ? …lol

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29 comments on “Dreaming of other places

  1. Jeremy

    Totally into it Z. Saving up now. I havent seen/never mind caught a lineside in my neck of the woods in 2 yrs and one month.
    Yeah you could say Im goin’ crazy about now….Im dreaming of stripers in my sleep.

  2. kenny

    book the club and the place i stay at every spring. it sleeps 5 and very cheap. only a 1 minute walk to the club. let me know. we can book now. eat fish and be merry.

  3. Adam

    Bruno & William are having a fantastic year!
    I am not & that’s OK because
    It’s times like these where you find out who you really are.

  4. woodwker99

    I can only dream of such a trip. this economy has me strapped. hard enough to afford to re string my reel. thank god Smiths point and the inlet are in my back yard or I’d never get to be skunked.

  5. Pierre

    Zeno, Same here in NYC… Last season wasn’t great but this year has been terrible… really not much happening, no sandeels and because of all the flood the water has been murky for weeks, screwing the albies fishing.

    This season will NOT be remembered as a good one… an now it is raining!

    Anyway, our hopes are still high to see the fat ones rolling in!

  6. Rob B

    I am in for any time you go. I would sleep in the crawl spaceduring the day if I had to.
    Wait! Didn’t u ask last year if people would be in for a weekend at Cutty?
    I am in no matter what!


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