Who's got it better than you guys ?





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86 comments on “Who's got it better than you guys ?

  1. Pierre

    2 year anniversary!

    I say you guys came a long way and I would like to congratulate you on managing to keep the surfcasting flame alive and to promote such a responsive / innovative spirit at the same time!

    Also, on behalf of all the city rats like myself, thanks a lot for bringing new content all the time, fueling our weekend trips!

    Encore bravo!

  2. Ryan Chenette

    You guys amaze me, not only is the magazine free, you give away a ton of stuff for free too!Not only “stuff” but some of the most sought after equipment out there.All that and great info too! I’m looking forward to the next issue already, keep up the good work, and thank you for all you do.

  3. Charlie P

    I’m in…if it’s time which I don’t beleive it is.

    I really enjoy the magazinbe, the blog and the give-aways, especially if I ever win one.
    Congratulations SJ!

  4. Glenn H

    I’m in!!Thank you SJ for making our fishing community wiser & smarter,Thanks for the awesome videos to further educate us & thanks for keeping us to date with all the conservation news. you guys rock & happy Holidays..Glenn Harvey.

  5. Aram

    Tom White is probably his own hardest critic. His stuff is bullet proof. He cares and wants to get it right. Somebody, or maybe 2 somebodies are going to be really amped when they win these bags. Awesome job Tom and Zeno. looking forward to the opportunity to win.

    Happy Holidays

  6. Moses

    I’m sooo in! Thanks guys. Zeno,Tommy and the rest of the SJ crew have a Happy Holidays. Can’t wait till January for the next installment of SJ magazine. Thanks for the opportunity. Tight lines

  7. Terry

    I would like to be in, but not sure what we have to do to be in. Merry Xmas to you and your family Zeno. And all you other fisherman.

  8. Sean Kearney

    Not sure if I’m supposed to be in, but just incase, “I am in” lol. Anyways thanks guys for providing us with stuff that we truly can’t get anywhere else, the content of your magazines, blog posts, giveaways, everything, you guys are kicking ass! Keep it up and thanks once again

    Also I’d like to wish everyone at surfcasters journal a happy and safe holidays!

    Sean (smk379)

  9. Bob

    To all the people at Surfcasters Journal and all the readers. Have a heathy, happy and safe Holiday Season and a better 2012. Surfcasters Journal e-mails are the ones enjoy reading the most. Zeno, Tommy and the rest of the crew put together the best magazine about surf fishing around. I thank them all for all the good work they put into the magazine and it shows in the great articles and information found in the pages. Thanks again

  10. Matt H

    I’m in…. Thanks. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and a happy and healthy 2012. You guys at SJ are the best! Keep up the great work.

  11. backlash

    Congratulations SJB on your second anniversary!Very nice of Tom at Commando and also Rod Vault for their VERY generous gifts! No doubt they will make some casters very happy!!! (I hope one is me!)Great year you put together for us. We appreciate the hard work you all put into this fine magazine! Happy Holidays to you all and everyone who stops by to visit. Looking forward to 2012 with you all! – Don

  12. Dennis

    I’m in within the next couple of weeks heh. If I win both ill donate one back 8). Happy holidays and thanks for the chance.

  13. Jim M.

    Congrats on 2 years, this is definitely unlike anything else I see anywhere, on the net or in print. Many thanks to you, Tommy and all involved. Best wishes for the Holidays and the New Year, and more fish for 2012!

    p.s. I’m in!


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