Where is Roger?

CT Matt has reminded me of something …that we hid Roger in the issue 5 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. But since Matt probably already found him we will disqualify  him for this contest…thanks Matt…..lmao

So lets start the early Easter hunt.

We hid this picture of the head of our editor Roget Martin somewhere inside the pages of issue #5 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. It could be buried in the text, hidden within  photograph or imbedded in the cover….it’s there, trust me.

They just told me where it is today.

The first dude that finds Roger and correctly post on this thread page # and were within the page is Rogers head located will win this beautiful darter lure courtesy of Choopy Lures.

For more information on Choopy Lures please visit http://www.choopylures.com/index.html

Happy Hunting

16 comments on “Where is Roger?

  1. CTmatt

    Dang…for ONCE in my life I had a good idea and now I can’t even benefit from my momentary awesomeness.

    Congrats whomever wins!

  2. CTmatt

    Can I play with the 10’6″ Mojo you tested for a few weeks as a consolation? lol Mine isn’t coming back for a few weeks.

  3. CTmatt

    I just bought 3 choopy Junior swimmers…haven’t been fished but I can say that the darter winner will be very very pleased. Great finish! If I only wasn’t DQ’d haha…

    I’ll still send you guys some more paypal lovin’ lol

  4. woodwker99

    Congratz to the winner. Work kept me from seeing this post in time to say. I saw that when the issue first came out and thought it some kind of inside joke.
    Nice plug too.


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