Coming up in the March issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine…..a beach buggy that is truly a labor of love between a surfcaster and his ride….wait until you read about all its features, every single one was incorporated into the vehicle to help in either catching fish or providing comfort on the beach.

Full 10 minute video will be released to coincide with article publication…for now enjoy the short version


17 comments on “UNIMOG

  1. John martines

    Oh man what a dream.. I’m building a `93 Dodge Diesel for my buggy right now to replace my Land Cruiser gas hog but it’s nothing like that. I can’t wait to read and see the video. The Mogs are monsters.

  2. Rich W

    Wow and I thought dreaming about having a fully kitted out F250 was out there. Glad to see there will be a full article on the Unimog – can’t wait to read it

  3. Lou

    And it has one kick arse BBQ built in !!!!!!!!!LOL I had the honor of seeing this in person out at Montauk. Whatta truck …………………

  4. martino Agosta

    Iv’e seen this Mog on a few occasions and every time i see it i’m in AWE . Thats a cool looking buggy fer sure!!!.

  5. Louie DeRicco

    For those that are interested, the truck is powered by a six cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel engine and it gets approximately 12 to 13 miles per gallon. It gets about the same fuel economy as my Yukon XL.


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