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Check back here next week for a giveaway of  an item we never featured before. One of our readers will get a chance to win a brand new rod of his or her choice…stay tuned for details

The winner of Super Strike Bone Darters giveaway is BRUCE F SOMETHINGSFISHY@OPTONLINE.NET


Congratulations, you have 5 days to send your shipping address to info@surfcastersjournal.com and we will hook you up with Super Strike. Thanks again to Mr. Steve Musso for making this possible. If you guys have not get your hands on some of his new 2 3/4 heavy poppers, I suggest you do. You will be surprised how easy they are to work in comparison with a lighter model. The review coming up in the next issue.



Speaking of good stuff, anyone that buys a ZeeBaaS reel from their participating dealers receives a free pair of Hansom Pliers with lanyard. Offer is good till the end of August.


More of reels, some of you have heard about the new Penn Spinfisher V…Not sure if you knew that it won the ICAST best saltwater reel award at the ICAST show few weeks ago in Orlando. I been dying to attend this show for years but could never make it. If we are still alive and doing sj next year, I am planning to go. The fact that is back in Las Vegas next year is just a bonus:-)

Here is the PR from PENN


Newly Designed Reel Wins ICAST Award

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 11, 2012) – The PENN® Spinfisher® V has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2012 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The voters recognized the PENN Spinfisher V as the top new saltwater reel for 2012 by the select ICAST attendees, which include active editorial journalist and retailers.


Considered the top saltwater spinning reel by saltwater anglers worldwide, the new PENN® Spinfisher SSV continues the 50-year legacy for the spinning reel that started in 1963 with the Greenie Series. Incorporating today’s advancement in materials and technology, this fifth-generation reel has no rivals. The full-metal body including sideplate and rotor is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater use. The Water Tight Design with six separate seals (nine on the Live Liner® models.)

“This award is a reflection of the hard work that our entire team put in from concept to production,” said Mike Rice, PENN Product Brand Manager. “The PENN Spinfisher V is a true workhorse. A favorite for years, the newest rendition of the classic is an instant hit here at ICAST. We are very excited to accept this award and look to continue the success in the future.” Drag keeps the internal workings dry. Stainless steel mainshaft and five Shielded stainless steel bearings plus one keep the internal workings smooth and corrosion free. Additional features include Instant Anti-Reverse, an oversized aluminum bail wire, line capacity rings on the Superline Spool™ and live liner drag on select models. Reel weights start at 13.4 ounces while the largest Spinfisher SSV weighs 39.8 ounces. Gear ratios range from 6.2:1 on the smallest models, 5.6:1 on the mid-sized models, 4.7:1 on the larger models and 4.2:1 on the largest. Maximum drag capabilities vary from 20 pounds to 40. The Spinfisher SSV family also introduces the largest of any PENN spinning reel, Model 1050. Built to hold 415 yards of 30-pound monofilament or 750 yards of 50 -pound braid, this reel allows the angler to survive those long line-stripping runs huge fish dish out

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6 comments on “Weekend news

  1. funkyangler

    i’ve been long waiting for a reel like this. On the charts and videos looks like a winner. we’ll see what happen on the battleground!

  2. Richard aka woodwker99

    Congrats to the winner. I am twitching in anticipation of the release of the spinfisher V, and I hope that the price stays where they said. A dunkable reel for under $200 bucks. I’m in.

  3. Ted C

    My GF was one of the winners of the Spinfisher V, and its already been delivered! We haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but out of the box we were very impressed. She’s not very tall… So the water resistance will be great for when she wants to take an extra step into the water to reach those longer casts… Without worrying about getting some water on it. The drag is sick– one of the things you’ll first notice about it. I really like the rings on the reel for line capacity readings, and the rubber strip to tie on braid directly. looks to be a very dependable reel. Depending on the pricepoint this reel COULD BE A STEAL!! Nice job Penn!

    …it remains to be seen if she’ll let me use it, I may have to pull a Kansas City Shuffle one afternoon!

    Congrats on your win Bruce! Those are some killer lures. Thanks SJ for continuing with these killer giveaways and awesome blog entries that keep me at fever pitch throughout the year!!

  4. ovenrat

    “If we are still alive and doing sj next year,”


    We will hunt you down Zeno….. 🙂 🙂

  5. Zeno Post author

    lol… I wish I could tell you this will go on forever but remember that the end is near..12/12/12 or something like that..it is as they knew it, whoever they are…freaky stuff

  6. Jerry

    A weekend in Vegas with the SJ crew for ICAST? Hmmmmmm. Twist my arm. I might get there a day or two early to “help set up”.


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