We got a Winner !!!

The winner of the STRIPERTHON 2011  Junior Contest is …Ty #2 !!!

Ty wins a brand new Tsunami Airwave rod and a basket of lures, donated by our friends at Tsunami.

Congrats Ty from all of us at Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.


We are SJ going to kick in something for all the participants so please all the dads, email me us your mailing address to info@ surfcastersjournal.com



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32 comments on “We got a Winner !!!

  1. Taylor (toaster816)

    Congratulations Ty and to all the participants!! Thanks to SJ for pumping some youth participation into our sport! There is nothing better than a young gun with a striper.

  2. Andy Stevenson (tysdad115)

    Thank you to everyone that voted for him and to Z and the staff at SJ and all the sponsors for putting this together. Congratulations to all the other contest
    entries . Tyler is a hardcore fisherman at 11 years old, he is one excited little man today. Thanks again.
    Andy – tysdad

  3. Greg Tucceri

    Good job kid, I was pretty excited too when I won last year as well, enjoy. Only 4 months to go until we’re back at it. congrats to all the other entries.

  4. Tom Schneider

    Congrats to Ty and all the other kids too.
    Special thanks goes to all the dad’s who have gotten their kids involved in this great sport!


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