This and that

Winner of Lemire’s Plugworks  metal lip lure is

The winner of the 8 1/2inch, 3 ounce mammoth Wave Jammer who guessed Lou’s favorite picture is …well, no one. Not one of you guessed that Lou favorite picture is on page 75…looks like a fine picture to me 🙂

So the plug goes back into the rotation, to be given away at another time.

Wait, its holiday season…so why not just pick another guy randomly?….Ok ,the winner of Wave Jammer is ….Zeno Hro….wait, that would be a bit weird…and unethical.

Ok ,the real winner is Ryan Chenette, the guy who says “I never win anything”

Both of you must furnish your mailing address to within 5 days or you forfeit the prize. Remember that big loot of AOK Tackle tins? The winner never stepped forward so I will give you a chance to win it again soon.

We might be fishlanthropists but we got rules…capish ? 😉


Few thoughts on last minute gift ideas. What do I want? More St Croix Legends and CTS rods would be nice…not sure if can get that passed by Da Wife


From Camp Site Sports in Huntington NY, comes the news that they are now a GoPro dealer. Now you can check out these little gems in person  and see what the hype is all about


This is from email I received from them,

Everyone should have one of these little marvels in their tackle box, on their boat, their car, their skis, their fishing rod, wherever you want to put it. The list of potential mounting spots is endless. Capture true 1080p HD video and 11Mp stills in a pocket sized, waterproof, shock proof, virtually indestructible package. We have a host of GoPro accessories in stock including many mounting options, LCD backs and spare batteries. While stocks last we are offering a free 8Mp class 10 SDHC card with each Go Pro camera purchased.

In other news, Burford Books, publisher of many surf fishing titles  have a new redesigned website. Check it out at

Reel Women of Fishing is a calendar that some of you might like to find under the Christmas tree…you can check it out here


Last and definitely not least, tune in this weekend for a Commando Surfcasting Custom Bag giveaway. As soon as I come up for air I will hook you guys up. And yes, that comment about Johnny Walker was a joke…I can’t hold liquor of any kind so I don’t bother. Hell, if I drink a dozen beers in  year that is a lot..although I must say, on a warm summer night, a big juicy steak on the grill…it calls for a nice, cold Sam Adams. Its funny thing, no one i fish with drinks. We all show up at the beach, each guy with a thermos of 7/11 coffee. Then we make another pot after we drain what we brought….old men 😉

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17 comments on “This and that

  1. Jeremy

    Z I never would have guessed Lous fav pic would be the red gill add on pg 75? really? ok. also its a shame no one claimed the AOK’s..wait no its not! and lastly, Im a coffee man myself too lol……oh and I never win anything!

  2. CTMatt

    I picked the red gill ad I win! I win lol…

    I hate when I get up at 6am to check SJ and there are already a dozen “I’m ins”I’ll have to set my alarm earlier!

  3. Jeremy

    I see. thanks Z. no wonder I havent made a good guess yet lol….been reading the pg numbers the wrong way!. It is amazing how many people come out for the giveaways, so many some forget they entered and/or dont check the blog. Then again word gets around fast. SJ has the hook up! and not sure if I said it already but Zeno and SJ thank you very much for promoting catch photo n’ release tournament!!! Cant say enough good about it….Absolutely brilliant. Bravo! and hope to enter a pic myself next year. have great day everyone

  4. CTMatt

    I was browsing the “oldschool” SJ mags and came across some builder profiles and some good Troxler stories…ahhh the memories lol. Builder profiles and photo stuff was great!

  5. CTMatt

    Side note SJ should run a Twitter feed for pics/updates…maybe not a lot of us use it but I like seeing SJ stuff in real time instead of waiting for my super slow email updates…sometimes days after you guys post! Not your fault…I know. You can run it to update FB the same time as Twitter. If you need a hand drop me a line…love to help!

  6. woodwker99

    ok it me? I can only see one winners name. Yet it says both must reply….At least he finally won something.
    Nothing wrong with 7-11 coffee. They have their own special blend you know… extra caffeine.
    All I want for Christmas is a bailess torque 5… too bad the wife doesn’t read this.
    Can’t wait to be reading the first issue of 2012.
    Happy holidays to all.

  7. Mike L

    Hey Z
    Did the Penn Torque make the grade . I saw the first report you did on it and was hoping you would fellow up on it

  8. TRisser

    Picked up a new 10’6″ Legend for a Christmas present to myself. New for $300 was a deal I couldn’t pass up. Not a custom stick but I can’t build one for close to that.

  9. Angler Ace

    I would also like to give a big ” THANK YOU ” to Al from Lemire’s Plugworks for making it possible for me to Win this great metal lip lure.

  10. pistol pete

    Surfcasters journal hets me through the winter! Anytime I get the fisherman or OTW, I skip over EVERYTHING and quickly search for surf-related articles… Sometimes it’s disappointing! SJ is all surf… no sifting through! Thanks for your efforts… The giveaways are just an extra…. its the content that keeps us coming back for that daily fix!


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