We goofed

I sincerely are hoping that you guys are enjoying the new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. But before I say anything else, I need to issue an apology to one of our blog members Stephen Barone.

We were originally slated to run Vito Orlando brand new poem If Striped Bass Could Talk in this issue. Somewhere along the line I dropped the ball and did not noticed that we used Mr. Barone’s poem Quest For An Old Friend instead. This alone would not be a major embarrassment for me as I like both of them. However, Tommy , since he assumed it was written by Vito , gave Vito the credit for the poem. We have since made a corrections and Stephen’s name and bio is in the proper place where it belongs. Again, it’s on me. I don’t know if it was the holidays, the new diet number 68 I am on or what, but I royally screwed up. So again, my sincerest apologies to Mr. Barone for this mix up. I am not going to make excuses for this oversight, I just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Since we are discussing the good, bad and the ugly of what we do, here is your chance to tell us what you think of this issue, what you like, what you didn’t, more of what you want to see …

… pats on the back are unnecessary but hey, who doesn’t like a little love

Tommy does draw a line at group hugs though

We are all ears

 stay tuned for a nice giveaway from a very cool wood lure builder….
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21 comments on “We goofed

  1. CTMatt

    Is Alan Hawk a featured blogger or an official staffer? He is one of the only reasons i visit another forum because his words and reviews are truly gems. Have an enormous amount of respect for his attention to details

    Loved favorite plugs columns and actually the fly fishing entry which i actually spend less time with usually since i am no fly guy

  2. Bobw

    The magazine keeps getting better!
    Keep up the good work.
    My three favorite articles in this issue were, the plug column, the rod guru and chef andrew.

  3. Jeremy A

    Awesome poem Stephen Barone. Thanks. Love Plugaholics article it is my favorite. Great job getting Alan Hawks article on the mag, it is the best reel review I have ever read in my life.

  4. Jimmy Z

    Thank you for another wonderful issue. And a special thank you to Frank Pintauro for his article on the history of Walter Krystock. I love the history and especially your knowledge Frank. Very well done, as always.

    Keep up the good work Z!

  5. BOB C

    great issue . love the black and white old photos and as usual several great articles . plugaholics was awesome and the one from the plug builders also . just a ton of great stuff again . i really like the stuff about the history of the sport and the people who were the innovators of their time . keep up the excellent work .

  6. Steve B

    I haven’t had a chance to read the new issue yet, but its nice to know my poem snuck its way in there! No need to apologize. Hope everyone else enjoys.

  7. JohnP

    I personally read the whole thing cover to cover, and spend a bit more time these days on the 4×4 and food sections. Maybe these are two areas I am trying to improve my knowledge of. For the food thing, I wouldn’t mind some “tricks of the trade” that are even more basic, like maybe grilling tricks for fish. IMO

  8. achase

    SJ Crew,
    I really love the articles that give some surf-casting history. The Pintauro article was great!
    Funnily enough I was just checking out some stuff on the auction site the other day and wound up on Angler’s Attic where they had some Krystock plugs, which I didn’t know anything about…now I do.

  9. Zeno Post author

    Alan Hawk is an incredible talent when it comes to explaining the stuff none of us understand..lol
    john..I been telling andrew I want to see that too..how to freeze, filet, grill..basic stuff I am clueless about
    ryan..we are committed on keeping this publication free…the ads offset some of the costs…if we started to think of this as business …well, I think most of us would throw in a towel..we are surfcasters who put out a publication, not the other way around
    btw..thank you for those who donated in a last week, we greatly appreciate it
    and hell yeah, black and white and anything old school is cool

  10. chuckg

    The Article by Dave on plugs was close to my heart… The secret to catching fish is keeping your line in the water as much as possible. Most production plugs are made to attract the fisherman, not the fish ( I know since I have a cellar full of them ). One of my go-to plugs is still a loaded 7 inch Cordell swimmer in White with Red Head, over the years has caught many fish in the dark of night…

  11. Matt H

    There really isnt anything you guys do wrong. The article by Dave Anderson was probably the highlight of this issue for me, and its seems like it was a hit with other readers as well. I also really liked the cooking section in regards to cleaning and cooking squid. Cooking what you catch is always an interesting and useful read. Also would mind seeing something on making bucktails. All of us that fish bucktails on a regular basis know that every season we donate several to sticky bottom structure, it’d be interesting to learn how to tie your own. All in all great work… Thanks again for all you guys do.

  12. Charlie p

    I enjoy the whole mag. I especially liked the plugbuilders’ articles. I have been making bucktails for years and have built a few plugs from saltys kits. My paint jobs need some work as I’m only using spray paint and mesh to make scales. I can’t wait to catch a fish on one of my homemade plugs, especially a metal lip. I would like to see more articles on buck tailing Montauk. I know there’s a chapter in John Skinner’s book, but I will read whatever I can get my hands on.


    The best thing ever. can you guys write maybe about fish migration. where they at when…. Not spots but general migration. Idk might be cool?

  14. Ross

    Another great issue guys. I have a question…is there a way to easily search for topics across all the issues? I was trying to locate an article on wetsuiting and couldn’t figure out an easy way to search the Journals to find articles on the topic. If not, this would be a good feature to add as the number of journals increases…thanks and keep up the great work!


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