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  1. Jeremy A

    Absolutely dead on phenomenal article by Dave Anderson! It actually makes me even more confident in my colors and really puts it into perspective. and Thanks for the poem by Vito Orlando I love it. gonna print it out and put it with my tackle…..just gettin started reading….THANK YOU SJ!!!!!!!!

  2. mark downey

    Spent half the day reading new SJ when I should have been working Two comments great and thks………one other thing.
    The village you mentioned, Coco, was the first place in CR I lived. Met my CR wife there and we went to the Ocotal resort restuarant for our first date. We took the kids there a few years a ago and our youngest caught her first fish there a 5lb
    parrot fish that she and I are still proud of. The moorings for the boats anchored there hold fish. They are accidental FAD`s (fish aggregating device). Caught jacks, spanish mac, etc off the mooring closest to the rocks you walked on to get to the island. I however have also never caught a roosterfish and refuse to believe they exist until I do.

  3. Irish

    Tommy ,Z and The Martins you are way past the stage of a local magazine for enthusiasts, it has taken on a pro feel that rivals great print magazines, you all should be very proud. Another Home Run thanks, Tommy

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