Preview of Videos in the issue # 46 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

Happy Veterans Day to you and your families. Special thanks and salute to of you who have saved in the  Armed Forces. We are forever indebted to you and sacrifices you have made for our country, our freedom and our way of life.veteransday
Tommy is working hard on the magazine and hopefully he will have it wrapped up this weekend. There will be bunch of new videos including new Comanche Surfcasting from Peter Utschig and friends and three new Surf Fishing 101 series videos, #37,38 & 39. This will probably be my last SF 101 video for awhile as we move on to other projects. Covering things in depth can be a little challenging when you are a one man show so i need to pick and choose my spots (and projects) carefully. Of course there are articles from Anderson, Albano, Bill Jakob, Frank Diagnault, Rob Bertolini, John Lee, Frank G, Mr. Skinner, Jeff Lomonaco, Alex Friedman  and the list goes on

This is what’s coming up in this issue of SJ magazine (these are previews, not full length episodes. Full length will be available once you log into your account AFTER we upload new issue next week, this is just a sneak peek)

#37- 8 minutes of us using a night vision camera and casting darters in some very fishy water. Tommy was on camera this night and after we landed so many fish we decided to grab a camera and do some video. Keep in mind that I am in complete darkness. Tommy infrared lenses are showing me lit up but I don’t even know where he is in the dark.

#38- Roy Leyva, one of the best surfcasters of this generation, definitely one of the most humble ones. He like Mr. Skinner who has never seen a roadside puddle he did not like to fisd it. The difference is Roy Leyva actually stops and fishes every single one.

#39- a 10 minute episode on bait fishing to close out the series. Something we do not do enough of in this (or any publication). Lures fishing is consider more sexy and exciting than bait fishing but I have to tell you, if I had a choose a weapon for a big fish between lures and bait…it would not even be a contest. So if you are going to go to the war, might as well have the right tools and be prepared

and last, a test of sorts.
We are trying to put together some holiday gift packages for holidays, so consider this just us, trying to understand what you,  our readers want.
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