Montauk Time & Tide Episode # 4 – Favorite plug today

Few weeks ago as I was cleaning out my basement, I came across an old hard drive which contained many of the interviews I have done for the original Montauk Time & Tide series. I thought I lost them all when my Mac crashed few years ago and corrupted all my files. As I was looking through old episodes I realized that we made all of them public , except one, Episode # 4, What’s Your Favorite Lure

So here it is, for most of you , the first time seeing this. I got to say, seeing Jack Yes who has passed away since these interviews took place makes me glad I’ve done this. Not for me but for the future generations who will be able to hear these great surfmen, maybe for the first time. 

 This episode appeared in 2014 issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine


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