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I spent morning shooting the videos and missed a blitz which was occurring about 1/2 a mile away from where we were set up. But that wasn’t the painful part. I missed plenty of blitzes before but I never imported the footage to start editing before, only to find out that its unusable due to a single button being switch the wrong way.Yes, that is painful and very much embarrassing especially since people took time out of their day to be there. My bad, my really, really bad screw up. Unfortunately probably not the last one.

Speaking of videos, and if you are one who likes watching what we do, you might get a kick out of what’s coming in the new issue next week. There is almost an hours worth of new videos for your viewing pleasure.

In this issue we are introducing Surf Fishing 101 series. I shot over 30 videos with some of todays best surfcasters, Donny Musso, Lou Caruso, Ralph Votta, Craig Cantelmo, Bill Jakob, Dave Anderson and of course our stalwarts like Mr. Skinner and Wetzel. What is Surf Fishing 101? Glad you asked

With Surf Fishing 101 we are going to try to demystify sport of surfcasting and break it down on a basic level. There will be a video on how and why to use teasers, how to fish a darter, how to improve your cast, what to look in a surf belt. How to pick a rod for back bays, how to fish a needlefish, anything that you can think of, we are a game.

In addition some videos will be all action footage, recorded with  ago pro while we are catching fish and explaining the thought process behind why we are there, and what are we doing with our lures. There are also few night footage  sequences captured with infra red light, aerial footage….and on and on. From lures to bait to rods to gear, this should be something for everyone

In next week issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Online magazine first 4 videos will debut. Each episode is between 5 and 15 minutes although we shot an episode with Ralph Votta last week which will easily push 20 minutes

  • Episode #1 The basics
  • Episode #2 Needlefish with Don Musso
  • Episode #3 Rough water fishing with Bucktails
  • Episode # 4 Surf belt

Obviously in addition to this you will get reviews and  awesome articles from your favorite writers and columnists.

Just a little reminder to myself that I actually am not as miserable as I feel about my screw up this morning.Hope you guys enjoy it

and a little note, only as a courtesy to our blog readers

For the first time, there are pullover Creeping while you sleeping hoodies in our store, creeping bumper stickers and yes, those elusive Night Crew Zip hoodies are making appearance for a limited time.We have not publicized this because we make small batches and want our readers to get them first if the wish instead of soccer moms shopping on Cyber Monday..www.surfcastersgear.com

CREEP L66177 L66178_DET L66178Zip_B2-300x300dd_large

..Some dude named Craig let us play with his toy for next week.12208677_10153744994428421_6900819393480250892_n…a little weekend treat to our readers

New MTK show special shirt, regularly $23, this weekend only $15..35% OFF, shipping inluded

11223550_10153645852098421_6885772951576349633_na little late edition of fish porn

25 pound blue caught and released by Chris Voorhies yesterday on South Shore of Long Island12195918_10153746033033421_3394113657949121165_n

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  1. David Strom

    The Surf Fishing 101 videos is a great idea! Looking forward to them & the rest of the next issue.

    Thanks, Z.



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