Surf fishing 101 video preview

New issue coming up in a day or two.Here is a video preview of Surf Fishing 101 series. I think most of our readers will find something relevant and interesting in it.[youtube][/youtube]

Happy to say that I reshot the video yesterday morning that I screwed up on Friday with Craig Cantelmo of VS Reels. Long ass haul to North Fork to do it but those who don’t have in their heads, have it in their feet , my grandfather use to say. 

I think their new VR reels which are hitting stores in few weeks I think will be a massive hit. I got to play with one last few days and considering pricing under flagship VSX line, i think they will be guys  salivating at the lightest reel I ever held in my hand.

Video coming upP1000966

11 comments on “Surf fishing 101 video preview

  1. ed

    Yooo Zman, I have to admit I’m interested in next years SJ magazine, but I gotta tell you that”I was not going to ‘re-subscribe , reason you ask!! As I’ve said in the recent past ” you guys don’t write JACK shit!!! about CT , except for our spring runs up the HOUSEY!!!! So now I’m thinking about renewing, but I’m not THIER yet!!!

    1. Zeno Hromin Post author

      You need to get me writers that are willing to write about the subject or place or whatever
      I never believed into ” spots” writing. My thing has always been about tools to make you succeed anywere..but I hear you and I will pass your comments to Dave who lines up content and work with writers

    1. Zeno Hromin Post author

      We are getting issue is done but we have some technical difficulties with new software update. Trust me it’s worth the wait

  2. Rmacklin

    I love the new design and feature of the New VR. Not to mention the cost of it. But now I just patiently waiting for them to come out with the reel for lefty’s! And I’m straight!

  3. pistol pete

    I’m actually glad that you dont feature specific spots (in reference to the earlier post).

    You guys have a winning format: Focus on tactics, gear, & approaches that are universally applicable anywhere on the northeast striper coast. The same guy who wants to see more features on his home state is going to be the first guy complaining that you are spot burning his home turf.

    Stay the course Zeno… you have a winning format… continue to focus on the HOW and WHY…
    never ever the actual WHERE

  4. pistol pete

    That being said, i wouldnt mind seeing some more features surrounding hard structure terrain… I fish 100 nights per season, but not one of those nights is on a sandy beach.

    But I am a realist… Geographically, you are located near beaches, so that’s obviously going to translate into
    tactics and contributors who fish a lot more soft structure.

    Your publication contributes more to the surfcasting community than any other ever has… a true labor of love made by a participant from within the small scene. Keep it up Z and company.

  5. Matt H

    Well said Pete! Part of what makes SJ so unique is that its unlike so much of the other stuff you read, specifically the “where” factor. Keep doing what you guys are doing, the tools and tips that you guys write about can be applied to a number of places throughout the Northeast_ it’s up to your readers to extract that info and apply it to where they fish. Not your job to tell us where and when to fish and what to use. Keep up the great work!


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