Two new videos, Grip Studs and new Hasom Pelican light

Few new videos
Sometimes its better when you get a visual of what we write about
Here is Hansom Tackle new Pelican Light with adjustable tubing
And here is Grip Studs video

4 comments on “Two new videos, Grip Studs and new Hasom Pelican light

  1. Ernie

    Ive also been using the trackers for a long time but yes they do have a tough turn I finally chipped one of my teeth last night. Ill be picking up two of these just for the softer turn. Just hoping we can modify the lenses for red or green like we did with our trackers

  2. Ernie

    I just cut a piece of green lense in a circle and stuck it into the end of the light. I cut it so it was snug and didnt move no glue needed. I prefer green over red it makes the shades of the plugs easier to see. I can email you pics if you want

    1. Lee Solomon

      Yes pics would be great. I also prefer green for my lights. I have headlamps that multi level green brightness but never had that on my necklamp.


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